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RE: How do you explain crypto to your wife?

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How do you explain crypto to a complete newbie? How would you proceed? Where would you start? Have you had some experience already?

Depending on the age level, I use different examples. For young adults or adults, I start with the working mechanism of global monetary system and make connections to crypto in terms of supply/demand aspect. Besides, I inform about blockchain by using chain as a material. Basically, I narrate that "information is stored there and you can view anytime".

For elder people, I use gold + 401K-like examples. Without diving deep into blockchain features, I only give the information that everyone can see it transparently. Otherwise, we may spoil everything with tiny details 😂 I always talk about crypto while talking with my family members or friends. As they get used to it for 4 years, they even have enough idea about the rationale behind the crypto and blockchain ^^


This makes a lot of sense. I was going to start with opening an account on coinbase and check what a wallet address is but I think this would lack the fundamentals of how things are working... Thanks a lot for your answer :-)


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