Rising Star. Day 82. The patience is over

in #risingstar4 months ago

Good day, Rising Star fans!


Day 82 with Rising Star game

Okey, as you probably have understood I bought 1 more card pack! I made 10,000 starbits on my account, and I withdrew them to the Hive Engine, and...I bought a card pack. Yes, I couldn't wait until the next 100,000 Starbits xD

Do you want to know what I got? Anyways, I want to share my new cards with you xD


I got a new musician! I have Lolita now. But...I plan to play with Mozart xD Because I like him more xD Sorry to Lolita... xD

And now I did a deep breath and I will keep saving starbits! And I hope I will have enough patience to do it! And I hope very soon I will click on the button 'buy 12 card packs'!

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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