I created a DCity!

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It happened!

I don't know how or what, but I now own a city on dCITY.io

A little screenshot of the very very early stages of the next big time consumer for me on Hive 😅.


The back story

When I was little, I always loved playing SIM City. Through the years, I've bought numerous editions and used to play SIM City on the PC all the time. Next to FM (Football Manager), it probably was my favorite game.

Until cheat codes completely ruined it for me. The problem with the cheat codes of course was that you would set ridiculous goals, which with normal gameplay you'd never be able to achieve. At a certain point, I grew out of it, mainly because my last 2 laptops don't even have a cd drive.

Getting back to it

In the past couple of years, I had reconsidered starting to play SIM City again. I studied Urban Development and Planning, so building cities has always been intriguing to some extend. But also a very entertaining kids game Hoopa City on my daughters tablet 😂.

I had known about @dcitygame for some time. But the final convincer came from @empoderat who made me think of it as an investment, but also gave me some tips on how to start.

The Start

I must see, it has been a bit of a rocky start so far, I think I invested a little more than I was expecting. But I decided there were certain cards that I just wanted in my collection. So I bought a Brewery for 2200 SIM, since it was the only one for sale at the time.

I also did some very random stuff. Bought several cards that weren't necessary, made calculation mistakes. Found some fun things and voted for @ecoinstant (since everyone voted for him). "Hi President, nice to meet you!"


I think I already kind of went over the amount I had in mind to spend in the first 3 days, so I'm going to take a little bit more of a laid back approach, read a little bit more on Dcity related posts and hopefully have a better idea what my next step should be by next week.

First Impression

It's pretty solid game. It is simplified, but at the same time complex enough with more than enough layers to keep me busy at least for the next 6 months.

I think I accidentally created a new Hive hobby.



Interested in joining? Feel free to check out dcity.io to create your own city.


Great start! I would say that as you get started the best strategy is to try to attrack as many citizens as possible, whether with events or increasing popularity. Good luck!

Awesome, thanks for the advice!

Can I do an art convention with actually having an art gallery? Just asking out loud 😅

Yes you can, you might get some artists. But if you eventually would like to get a new background picture for your dcity. Then you want to get an art gallery. But that would also need a higher creativity rating. So at the start it isn’t that important.

Just make sure the unemployment stays around 0%. That way your production cards are producing sim tokens for you and the unemployment doesn’t reduce your income too much.

Thanks for the elaboration and the tips!

You’re welcome. I write a lot about dcity. Do scan through my older posts. There might be a few topics there that interest you.

Yes. Have done some scrolling already and will continue to as well. Some pretty good strategic stuff in there. Do you happen to have a specific post on how to switch between two cities?

Good to hear that you like it.

I have not made a post about that. A pretty good idea to make one.

It is not too complicated though. You need to have two hive accounts if you want to have two dcities.

Then from the dashboard within dcity.io you can go to the card that you want to send click the send button and then you send it to the other hive user.

Pretty much like you send normal hive-engine tokens to another account, if you’re familiar with that.

Awesome. Thanks for explaining!

Now just going to have to convince my 5 years old daughter she needs to have a dcity as well 😂

Happy to see this

It's pretty cool stuff. Decided to just jump in. 😅

The brilliant thing with dcity is that when you’ve set it up. You can just leave it for a week and it will still be fine!

This is my city
Uploading image #1...

The image won't load, but feel free to drop the name and I'll look it up.

nice !!!

Thanks. A little semi-proud myself.

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Hahah well ya have to

Impressive, you own a city and don't know how.

😂😂😂.... exactly. Is like waking up on Sunday morning with a cow in your room with an owner certificate next to your bed.

You know it's yours, you know it has value. But you don't know how to feed it, where to keep it and you don't know how to avoid it shitting on your floor.

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Awesome! I was also excited to see a city builder game on Hive. My little dCity has been slowly growing. Good luck with yours!

Yeah, it's pretty cool indeed.

Slow but steady growth is never a bad thing.
Thanks and good luck as well ☺

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Brilliant stuff man. I always loved sims right from my young days. Football manager too, you the man. 💥🙌🏽

Thanks for the kinds words!
Do you already have a dcity as well? Looking for a little bit of inspiration on what kind of style I can create.

I do have, i havent been very active lately, you've just motivated me now.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 23 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Cool! I've "invested" in the game as well 😂🤣 but I'm learning as I go along 😉👍🏼

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