Yes! You Can Surf Traffic Exchanges On Your Phone!

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Yes, You Can Earn Traffic Exchange Credits On your Cellphone!

It isn't as efficient on your cellphone but it IS CONVENIENT!

When I have spare time at work, waiting in line, shopping with my wife, I can crank out traffic to my leadpages.

Now, many sites don't work on a cellphone but I found these do. 

You can still surf in tabs but it is easiest if you turn your phone on it's side to have a wide view.

Hope you enjoyed this traffic exchange tip!

John Karnish
(johnandgrace) TE username


Yeah that's right on I think that I'm going to go for easy hits for you on here yes I'm on my phone right now using my brave browser but yeah also advertising for success has their own app which I always forget to use thanks for the input that's thank you

Hi Cheryl, thanks for reading. I'll have to check out advertising for success.

There are other sites too, such as Traffic Splash, etc..., just try them out.

Ones that don't work are Hit2Hit and Hungry4Hits.

Yes very good sites as very busy with a lot of members and actually aware of all the owners I've even talked to them