It's Crypto Mondays - Be Like My Mom!

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Crypto Mondays!.png

Note: Apologies for not getting this up on 3speak. Seems to be offline right now so I threw it up on LBRY!





Awesome! 💪💪💪

She's learning new things and pretty excited :)

Greetings to your Mom. She is amazing.
Happy for you.

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Thanks man. I'm pretty happy for her :)

She's a legend - buying the dip.

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Yup, I told her that and she thought it would be smart to buy when everyone was selling LOL

Thanks for sharing the story. It seems like there are plenty of people who are rejecting crypto but times are slowly changing. Make sure to have those diamond hands since crypto is so volatile.

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Yeah, I mean right now, there is no desire at all for me to trade crypto into fiat...But lots of voices in my head telling me to trade fiat for crypto LOL

Congratulations to your mom! It takes a lot to get involved with such new technologies and I believe it's great when people take the first step.

She dove head first into it LOL I was surprised

That is really awesome about your mom! I don't think my parents will ever jump on board with the whole crypto thing. They are set and happy though, so I guess why would they need to. It doesn't fit into their current world view I guess.

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That's how my mom was a bout a year ago...But I kept bugging her LOLOLOL


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That's very nice to see :)

We were just discussing on our daily Leo Talk post how some people (especially older people) have a mistaken view that crypto is illegal and some kind of scam. It's nice to see that some people are able to break those walls.

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Yeah thankfully my mom never thought that...Her biggest worry was 'losing it' lol

Yeah my Dad thinks it's all for drugs and human trafficking. But I'm the one who finished paying off my mortgage with it.

Yea, I believe the best way to debunk those myths it's to keep showing how our lives are being changed by it.

Ah that's nice to see generations before us also getting into this crypto world; gives me hope that one day it'll be wildly adopted and that it's nit just for us.

I agree. I mean, she's not a crypto expert by any means lol But she's curious about it and poking around in the apps.

Hahaha well I also know some basics, but the curiosity is good. Nice to know that at her age she's still curious about new technologies. I know some people younger than her, who only trust what they know and aren't willing to broaden their perspective, which I find unfortunate. But yeah, can't force it on people.

Go mom! Dollar cost averaging today and if it goes down another 20% even more.

That's the game plan for sure :)

If I were to encourage my mom to get into crypto I would do so in the bear market, it's more likely to see nice returns when the bull finally arrives

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I wish my mom was like her :D

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Great! I got my mom and my grandma to do the exact same thing buy a bit of crypto!
Now they suddenly like me, I wonder why!? ;)

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Oh wow, talking about the power of example. Your mum rocks!

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Great !

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