The Noob Night Cryptocast - The Future Is....NOW!

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Greetings from the frozen tundra of Alberta, Canada....

And of course, @richardtaylor is joining in from Thailand....Sipping out of coconuts and enjoying life!

This week we dive into...Actual USE cases in crypto and why we need to worry about 'today' when it comes to actually using this stuff...

And a HUGE shout out to for the amazing recommendation and idea today on Twitter....

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At last, I have succeeded run the video as it looks that today had problems... Anyways, I agree with the point around the use case and that today everything is going toward smartphones...

I don't like working on a smartphone, as I'm used to my desktop... But, when you have to swap, you have... There is no discussion about it as it is a MUST.

Btw., great show and it's visible that Rich likes Asia and he is totally different person (he talks in the videos)...

Thanks man, yeah we had a few hiccups last night but managed to get it rocking today :)

@tipu curate

Thank you very much!

Like Zoltan I had a problem getting this video to load. Then after watching today's video

I remembered to watch this one.
Great to see Richard Taylor back in the mix and having a chat with you.
As always good content covered by you Jon.
Monster drawing backgrounds on one side of the Planet and live backgrounds from the other side an interesting contrast.

Well I generally only upgrade my smartphone when the provider offers a free upgrade. I was lucky a few years ago that I had saved my old phone because my son dropped his in the toilet and we were able to move sim card to my old phone until time for free upgrade.

Frozen tundra, has it been that cold up there? I saw a post where someone was commenting how +7C was cold. I almost commented that in Canada +7C is still tee-shirt weather.

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Thanks @shuja! join the conversation and engage with us on Twitter, help spread the word about Steem

Agree with Torrey, come say hi on Twitter :) Lots of awesome Steemians waiting to engage with ya!

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