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Hello Asher, hit me with mine

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Just had to wait for hiveSQL to become free again :)

Dear @josediccus

In April (2021), you authored 63 top level posts comprising of 280230 characters. You also entered 389 comments onto the Hive blockchain totaling 94372 characters of text.

You used 13 different categories for your content and hive-167922 was the most popular, chosen 26 times.

The post titled The Champions League Semi Finals; What Thomas Tuchel Hasn't Learnt So Far earned the most comments with 25 replies.

The post shared with the community the most was defi-in-the-nigerian-space-controlling-finances-you-can-understand which was Re-blogged 4 times.

In April, you cast 1804 votes, 0 of these were downvotes, and 60 votes were cast to self.

Your average vote weight (to the nearest whole number) in April was 22%.

You spoke to joetunex the most, leaving 23 comments and joetunex spoke to you the most with 26 comments.

You upvoted moon333 the most, 68 times, and chose to issue 0 downvotes.


Last month, you transferred 0.000 HIVE to @honey-swap and withdrew 82.28 HIVE. You also sent 0.000 HIVE to @leodex, and received 0.000 HIVE.

You earned 426873.108627 VESTS via Curation, which is approximately 224.803331 Hive Power.

And as an author, you earned 326.228000 HBD, 0.000000 HIVE, and 987169.175914 VESTS (approximately 519.870929 Hive Power) in April.

Finally, abh12345 (and his alts) upvoted you 34 times in April 2021!


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