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Hello, peeps Hope everything is going well. I come back with another vlog. In this Vlog, I am going to share some thoughts also talk about the current situation that we are facing in my country. You all know we are in a pandemic situation where the whole world is fighting to get out of this situation. There are nearly around 4000 COVID-19 cases that are including everyday. Our government already failed to control it and it's getting worse day by day.

The last couple of days I was watching lots of news on the tv and some movement against the doctor's, try to figure out what is happening here?
People are killing peoples, How? Let me tell you if someone is infected by the virus then the people around him treat him like an enemy. People treat him so badly that he will feel that he does not belong to society.

People are more afraid now, not for the coronavirus, it's the people around them. I know how hard it is. One thing we learn that our medical sectors are not ready for any pandemic or epidemic situation. That's all I can say.

People stop taking the treatment that is provided by the government, rather they choose to stay at home isolation. The good thing is more people are recovering that way. I know a family, the whole family was infected by the virus. They stayed home and took the treatment by themselves guess what none of them died, all of them fully recovered now. In this situation, family support is very important, which can boost up your mind.

In the end, I like to thank one of my wonderful mates @dexpartacus for recognizing me as an independent artist. There is also some wonderful artist that he mentioned in his post. I love to interact with them and love to know more about them. You can check out his post,

Thanks for reading and getting here, see you in the next post. You can give me feedback by commenting below. Your feedback will be an inspiration for me. If you haven't joined the Splinterlands yet, you can Here.



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Sad to here that from your conuntry...
I really hope that this bad situation will go away forever soon...🤞
Never lose hope, holy words!!!
Stay strong and safe man!!
Thanks for the mention, you all deserve more attention for your great works!!!🙌

Yeah, we all are waiting and hoping that someday it all will be over. We all have to be patients. I am glad that every day I am meeting with some wonderful people like you.

Thanks a lot man, really appreciate, I'm really happy too!!😉💪✌️

Until we have any permanent solution like medicine or vaccine that can cure coronavirus, this situation will not change completely. We heard there was pandemic in the past before and we overcame that. Hopefully, we will get the solution to overcome this situation as well.

I totally agree with you. Yes we did overcome the pandemic in the past, but this time we could have stopped the pandemic from spreading, our government loses that opportunity and now we are the sufferer.