Week 3 -- A Surprise 3-Day Weekend -- My Search for the #PixieDust

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This is another story from my job at the company where I worked after graduate school. We are at the same time after I was forced into the management position and it was all going rapidly down hill.

One Friday morning during the summer I arrived at work and as I was pulling into the parking lot I saw a bunch of people standing around outside the building. There were big fans blowing with the doors open to the warehouse. When I got out of my car someone told me that there had been a fire in the warehouse. Thankfully no one was hurt but first shift my shift would not be working that day. Time for a happy dance! I verified that we couldn't get in and would not be working and started heading to my car. You should have seen the looks I was getting. In my mind I was saying: "We can't go in to work." "Why are you standing around here?" "Don't you people have a life?"

I was in my car and on the way home so fast. There was no way they were getting a chance to change their minds. All I could think of was it's Friday and I have a three day weekend unplanned. Couldn't wait to get home. The only thing that would have made it better is if my husband could also be home. It was still pretty early in the morning too. I think it was before 7:30 a.m.

Many months later I ended up getting fired from that job! Is it any wonder? LOL
I just had nothing invested there. It wasn't my company. I was just going to work to get a paycheck at that point. Oh yeah! I was on salary too so I was getting paid while I was at home. I think that's part of what the dirty looks were about when I was almost running back to my car. Whatever! I savored that day off and the rest of that weekend.

Hope you had fun reading this. That's one of the stories from there that my husband and I always laugh about.

I also hope that you're getting a tingle for the #pixiedust returning! Happy Tuesday!