Splinterlands - My Collection and Game Experiences (Weekly Post)

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Its been over a year since I started playing Splinterlands and the cards now have an all time high market cap over $6.25 million. I have been saving my hard earn steem/hive through the days and used it mostly to purchase Splinterlands cards. However at the start of the year I decided to diversify my holdings as to include more hive power as I intend to blog and curate more. Still I maintain a majority of my crypto assets in my favorite game Splinterlands.

My Overall Collection

Since the cards appreciated I have mostly been able to keep my collection close to my all time peak while selling some to get hive and invest in other goodies. Base on my Peakmonsters.com my overall account is value close to $1,900.


Based on the bot in Splinterland's discord channel my overall value is slightly more.


Daily Quest and Season Rewards

Since I play for the quest rewards mostly decided to push as far as my cards can get me when it comes to reaching highest league possible. Currently I am in Diamond league but have been unable to get any further.


With Diamond league I am able to earn 10 - 14 chests a day which helps boost my overall collection total as I have more opportunities to open a rewards card. However my rewards today lacks in value compared to when I started playing just a year ago. It is understandable that the developers want to reduce the reward cards distribution and include potions and DEC. The goal is to increase value of the cards that are already in use and future cards unpacked since their scarcity has increased.

Similarly the Season Rewards that come up every two weeks have not been so great for me.
A snap shot at what I earn last season in Diamond I. 60 chest got me these cards. The only thing that stood out was one rare gold foil. No legends for the season. Still decent array of cards that I can build into my battle decks.


In future seasons I do believe the rewards will get even scarcer but that benefits the price of the cards as it plays out a supply and demand dynamic. Less supply and more players equals more demand for the same cards. We can see this base on currently open markets of purchasing individual cards. There are getting less and less quantities of alpha cards and beta cards at 1bcx for sale and the prices have risen since a year ago.


I am basically looking at this game as a financial perspective right now because I have been stuck in the same league for weeks. I am unable to advance further even with the addition of max summoners and some max monsters. I could focus on playing the game better, but I have been in a habit of using specific cards out of preference. Things I can change to probably make game-play better is to use different type of formations in battles so I do not stick to the same formations. This would avoid my opponents from being able to predict my formations before battle. Another thing I can do is to stay in the lower leagues so I have better opportunity of winning. However it defeats the purpose of me having max summoners if I stay in silver/gold league.

This past season is only a day from completion and I have been playing mostly in the gold league for a week before moving into diamond. The intention is to have better game-play as I hate going on with a losing streak which happens often for me if I am in diamond league. In gold I stand a chance, but the reward benefits are less.

Splinterland's remains my go to crypto game and I have adjusted to how the new rules and rewards have been setup. It really comes down to if I want to win matches more I stay in lower level leagues. However I make the sacrifice of earning less rewards in lower levels. While higher leagues I am able to earn more rewards and utilize max cards to their fullest. Playing one week in lower league and then higher league in the final week gets me a middle ground for both game-play enjoyment and earning reward chests. What do you think? Is there a challenge for you between game play and earning rewards or you do not care at all.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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You have nice value in cards.
Unfortunate for me that I am going to miss gold leaderbaords (probably) after being there for 4 continuous season. so may be I will advance to diamond at last moment for more chest.

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Probably a good move to get more
Rewards at the end if you can’t earn packs. I never got close to top 25 even in silver let alone gold.

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Nice collection you have and that's a nice conclusion as well.