Discount EDS For Sale, My HYPNO Tanked, and CTP Underpromised

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The thread of this post will revolve around: How do you value your cryptos?

EDS being sold at a discount?

There are 20,000 EDS tokens in existence. And there is 21,886.151 HP in the Eddie-Earner account.

The Tokens, which pay a 12% HODLing interest rate, were each sold for 1 HIVE originally. Since then, the value of the wallet has grown, the interest payments have risen, and the amount of tokens has stayed the same.

This leads me to state that the EDS token is being sold at a discount because today 499.91 EDS tokens are back on the market.

Will you be buying the income token?

Those who are selling their tokens today are slightly undervaluing it, however, since the FIAT value of HIVE is up, they are selling their EDS tokens at a FIAT win.

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My Hypno Tanked

Screenshot 20210221 at 6.00.35 PM.png

Last week, I was so excited by the idea of a Blockchain frontend that speaks ONLY of hypnosis, that I said: "Shut up and take my money." Without looking back.

I purchased 50 HIVE worth of Hypno and got myself a 500 HYPNO Stake. Today that stake has a resell value of 0.096 HIVE. Which includes the tokens I have earned by logging on and reading and upvoting and commenting.


It was a gentle reminder from the Crpto Gods to pay more attention to where I am investing. While Hypno is a super niche front end, I didn't bother to look up the market cap, the marketing plan, the number of tokens available. I didn't bother to wait and see what quality content was there.

I was lazy, and my loss shows.

I'm probably still going to buy more, because, well... "its a really cool, super niche idea and has great potential."

Screenshot 20210221 at 6.01.00 PM.png

And also because I look forward to reading material by @whitelightxpress


"I have been meaning to post more through CTP" is something I hear a lot from the community.

On Discord.

In the comments.

"I should" in regards to CTP is tangible.

In order to not be part of the group that says I should have and be in the group that says: "I am glad I." I delegated 1000HP to @ctpsb and I am already so glad I did.

Screenshot 20210221 at 6.07.21 PM.png

After four days of my delegation being live, I received 22.848 CTP tokens which if I sold right now would be worth 5.5 HIVE, which today is approximately $1.79 USD.

By fiat standards, I basically loaned the CTP team $325USD for four days and they paid me $1.79 to do that.

Thank you CTP.

Thank you for reading, what front end are you betting on today?

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I hold CTPSB and have delegated to it too. Great project. Has helped me a lot.

I am posting from 4 frontends from a week - Leofinance , ctptalk , sportstalk , STEMGeeks.

I just barely started posting again. I stay active on the chain but don’t always blog.

I curate on those front ends too - that’s probably why I’ve been seeing you around more.

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Same here actually . I have been active since this january and I am liking it so far :)

I curate on those front ends too - that’s probably why I’ve been seeing you around more.

Lol yeah .

I have been here since Dec 2017.

I LOVE it here.

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Amazing , I joined in 2018 actually on Steem but was inactive till last december ( except for actifit posts)

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What about palnet?

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Hm I don't use that front-end that much but would love to try it out .

Palnet recently announced that they were making changes to the rewards system.

They will be moving towards rewarding those who have STAKED Pal and some other interesting new projects.

I still use the tag, because they were they first, and I am used to it - but I don't use their front end, I am waiting for their next project.

I have been meaning to look into CTP mostly because I do like JonGo

🤦🏽‍♀️Writing that I realized I support communities mostly because I like who’s running the show...

Anyways now you have made me put it on my to do list - check out CTP for real:)

Take a look now! It seems like they are growing, and having cool people like you can only make them grow faster.

It is ok to support based on who you like. I sometimes go to the more expensive grocery stores just because their clerks are smiley and chirpy. Who wants to buy fresh veggies around grumps?

In this case though, CTP gives more than a good attitude, they make roadmaps that affect finances and stick to them.

I play DCity and offer SIM token grants :). I post on leo, socialbattle, spt, archon, and neoxian.

I have seen that you give SIM away to small cities.

Having someone work on retention like that is pretty cool. How do you fund your giveaway empire?

dang delegating for CTP seems well worth it. Got confused reading your title of the post, lol.

I don't like being confusing! But, CTP did UNDER promise. I like those who underpromise and overdeliver.

I have a small delegation to CTPSB while I decide if I want to mine more or stack the token.

I usually split my time between Leofinance and Hive, depending on what I'm blogging about.

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I’ve been low on time so I as only paying attention to leofinance for a while.

With HIVE going up in value it seems to be calling my attention more.

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CTP is a really solid token and have a vibrant community around it. I hold CTPSB and have delegated to it too

Thank you for commenting!

Hi @metzli, thanks for the shoutout!

Crypto is basically still "The Wild Wild West," isn't it? I ended up with the HypnoChain community only because one of my "investment tokens" (INDEX, perhaps?) threw me a tiny bit as a dividend. Right now, it's a bit lopsided because the entire token reward pool is being split between a dozen people, or so... like when people on Steem were earning $5,000 a post. Sorry you lost a bunch of your equity... Not sure how much I'll be writing on this topic; time will tell.

Bright Blessings!

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I went over because of the investment token dripping income into my pocket too.

I am not really complaining about losing my equity so much as updating anyone who saw my "excitement" post and was thinking about investing there too.

I bought another 1000 with a percentage of what I spent the first time which made my dollar cost averaging better.

I guess its time to write my own posts, and then keep reading and curating until hopefully something great happens. Every community needs more readers/curators than writers and I look forward to being one of them.