What's The Point Of A Bank?

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We had finally nice weather today, so I could go out for my long walk... As always, walking in the fresh air is bringing up some memories, but also some interesting topics to vlog about... I have created videos on similar topics where I was talking about my love toward banks, but it's not bad to repeat it few times... Just to confirm our doubts... :)

So, I had kind of contact with my bank lately through emails and online banking, also trying to put some money on my OWN bank account was a problem, so I just had to share my feelings with you guys...

All that made me thinking what is the point of a bank today... Can you give me your opinion in the comment section, please? I would really like to read your opinions about them... Sometimes, I think that I have ZERO tolerance for banks without the reason...

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I am not completely cut off from the system but yes the delays are really bad. Even during the gamestop troubles, the delays were caused by the clearing firms and I assume its the same for the banks. You can speed things up by spending money but its just not worth it.

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The main problem is that banks want more and more control and power... And the worst thing is that they are accomplishing their goal slowly... But, I think that blockchain technology can reverse that process and give power back to the people!


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Sometimes it's good to have a centralised entity I find

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Hmmm... So you think it's a good idea to have 1 bank to rule us all? :)

We can say in maybe something like... It would be awesome to have 1 guy that can print as many BTCs as he wants... :)

BTW, I agree with a certain point about a centralized entity for certain things... but, I don't see the point of the centralized entity that is ruling over others (like banks doing)... It's the perfect example of dictatorship packed in "polite packaging"...


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I hate banks so much that I wish I could do everything with crypto.
I hate their customer service and it worsens when I notice that it's my money that is used to pay you.
But yeah I have come to terms with it.
The ID thing creeps me out and sometimes their ineffectiveness just gets to me

Lol... You hit all the things that happened lately (and not just lately) with almost EVERY bank that I had a business... lol...

I'm definitely working my way to avoid them as much as possible...


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