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RE: Midweek Updates | IAAC 209th

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So nice to see your smiling face! So sorry I haven't had a lot of time to watch your videos or curate lately. Life has been, well, interesting lol....

It's great to see your plants springing back to life. I guess, it proves that saying "when there's a will, there's a way" & life always finds a way! :) Mowe is so cute, too hehe.

Yeah, the Fleet thing Twitter added threw me off yesterday. LOL. Not sure how that will work in my post but I will probably do similar things like I do on IG like post my inspirational stuff or funny clips maybe ;) I might experiment with it over the week & see what gets a good response. :)

As far as BTC, I am later to the game as well. I have some in my Coinbase so I am hoping it continues to go up. Right now, as I type this, it is at 18183.10K. I can see this hitting 19K soon, but as you said, who knows whaat can happen? I feel it will stay on the high trend for awhile or at least in that range (balance out). I am guessing as everyone else but it will definitely be interesting to see what happens :)

Have a wonderful day, sweetie. Glad to see you are well & happy. Keep smiling! :) Love to you, Mowe and your fam. :)🧡🧚🏼‍♀️😻🙏🏻


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First off, let's share a !BEER cheers! LOL

Haha I was excited to try "fleets" too, but knowing me, that will die out. I don't even use FB nor IG stories all that much :p except on occasions when I feel the need to share some good vibes :D

yeah, BTC I wanna HODL but not sure if I should at this high price. I'm a noob so I just have a tiny bit of it.. won't make me rich even if it hits $100K LOL :p

I'm so happy about the plant revival. It just goes to show that Mother Nature does take care of itself. The plants will be okay no matter what. We just help out. I'm curious about my flowering vines as they seem to be climbing so high up. I wonder when they would have flowers though. :D

Almost the weekend again. Do take good care of yourself & Timmy! :D talk again soon.. ta-tah!

Ha ha ha a BEER is always welcome! Thank you so much, Sis. I am accumulating ENGAGE tokens so look out for some goodies soon :)

The "Fleets" thing is already dead to me ha ha! I use the IG Stories and that works for me (when I remember to use them). Mainstream social media is boring me now. I am only on it for a couple of reasons & can't find alternate solutions on that for now...but soon.... I am trying to use decentralized platforms for as much as I can!

BTC isn't going anywhere. It is starting to roller coaster so really, who knows? It will stay at a decent level, I am sure, but like you, I won't get rich off of it either. But if I can pay a few bills with it, ok, now we are talking LOL...

I am still looking at getting a succulent again. I really miss having that plant life and the energy of it....I do buy flowers for my kitchen table sometimes (a little thing I like to do semi regularly), but they die so fast (and not because of me! LOL). So, a plant would be more practical as well as budget friendly in the long run..I have an eye on some cute ones so we will see. :) I loved the flowering vine you took photos of for FB and IG. That was really pretty :)

Have a good one, sweetie. Enjoy your day & have a great start to the week. Me? Nap time now hahahah ....Talk soon. Love to you & Mowe! :) 😍

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