Spud : Got beyond the dreams and curation challenge.

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I guess most of you guys who are following the spud movement might be already know my name.

As a winner , I got the whopping delegation of 9500 SP and I never dreamed that someday that my account has so much SP to boast. Feeling of holding this much SP is awesome and motivates me to keep climbing in this SP ladder and oce again I thank all the guys associated with this movement.


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Now this SP power also challenges me to not to waste it and use it for the maximum benefit of the steem community.

So I came up with the plan that anyone who feels that they have put the efforts in their post and still not able to get the total upvotes amounting to 2 cents (ok let increase it to 5 cents) can feel free to drop their post link, provided it follow the below guidelines:

  1. Post is already 2 days old and post payout is less than 5 cents.
  2. It should be original content. Please do not post the link of plagiarized or text spinned post. Cross posting is also not ok.
  3. Not looking for a "daily" activity/rewards/giveaway post. If they are written exceptionally and very vivid then they can be considered.
  4. You should not be in blacklist .(I check steempeak profile)

Happy steeming and spuding guys.

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Congrats on that most excellent win @r1s2g3 Glad to see that you plan to make the most of that SP for the next 3 weeks. If used to the best of its potential, you should def. help others, which will in turn gain you followers and of course better curation rewards. More followers of course will mean better post rewards, so ultimately this is a nice boost.
Take care and have a great week!

Thanks again.
Truly said. I actually caught attention of few user.

That is good to hear.

Well, I didn't earn 9500 Sp, but a delegation of 2800 Sp for 30 days. It's not much? Compared to the 300 Sp I own that I still have, it is still a considerable distance for me, and I just thought the same as your approach. But, I can only vote 10 post a day with 100%
However, it is an excellent initiative on your part since, you know well what it feels like to have very little voting power. The goal is to go further ... go further.

And... How do you know when someone is blacklisted using Steempeak? You can teach me?


you will see a "red question mark" when you visit profile in steempeak.

Thank you, bro.

Mine original SP is also around 400, but I thought enjoy and share these good days of today.

Congrats on winning.

I came second or third for the previous 2 and the 1500+ SP meant my votes actually made a change to the payout!!

I was like: what? Well lookit that..

It was a nice change.

Same here. Thanks for sharing your story.

Congrats man on being a winner and being given a 9500 SP delegation. I hope you will put them to good use because for me accumulating that kind of SP takes many months. Upvoted!

Great to know that you have such amazing SP.

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