HiveTorch Hop #39

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Today I received the #HiveTorch from a good freind on the Blockchain - Part of the CTP Talk - CTP Swarm community @ph1102

Part of the concept of the Hive Torch is that it gets passed on as quickly as possible so I am now passing it on.

There are many worthy recipients who can be trusted to keep the #HiveTorch going and like @ph1102 I have no doubts that the torch will spread like a #fireball through the CTP Swarm Community

I am passing this on to a very active contributor to the CTP Swarm and know and trust that he will also pass it onto a very worthy recipient - I am passing this on to @maddogmike

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Nice! I got to pass the Steem Torch and hoping to get a chance again. Good game.


Its a great concept

Omg Russ, you made me laugh with the flame coming out of your mouth like a dragon ;) LOL

You and @ph1102 rock! I think if I ever get the Hive Torch again, I am going to do a video ;) It's so much more my vibe!

Congratulations! @maddogmike is a great choice! Let's keep this honor going! Thank you for all you do! 💛

Videos are fun

So much! And you did a GREAT job as always! :)

hahahaha... That was an awesome video... As @pixiepost said, I'm not sure that anyone has done videos for HiveTorch earlier...

But after two in a row, this will become a standard... :)

Have a great weekend!

definitely hope we have taken it on to the next level :0

Yes, you were the first one as far as I know!
And @russellstockley is the second one!
Great to see the enthusiasm of this thriving community, very inspiring!!

So happy to hear that! And I hope that others will follow... ;)

Nice one ☺️ xD


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Great video Russell, and well done sending the #Hivetorch on to Mike.

Hi @flaxz. thanks for stopping by ,