The most confusing week ever.

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I have been trying to write a blog post for days, and yes really trying. However, due to either problems faced by the blockchain, my inexperience to navigate round these problems, software problems or just was one of those never makes any sense things I never managed to post anything. I could not collect tokens and could not even log into CTPtalk.

I am however as stubborn as they come and not one for giving up so today I am back to try again today. While not being able to post on my blog, collect any rewards or update LBRY etc. I have still been busy...


I did not make it to E365 Champion in SFI by giving up.


My daily VP streak is (as of today) 377, yes that is 377 days in a row where I took action to build my business, my team and even played some card and general knowlege games.

VP Streak.jpg

There are affiliates of course who have much longer VP Streaks and you can tell the workers from the 'I want to get rich now!' people. If you are serious about being an affiliate marketer then you have to work daily.

Which brings me to my next reason for a confusing week, I received an email to ask how to make money, Really? A welcome letter, full instructions, free training, brilliant forum, plus a three month training program (free I might add exlcusive to my team) and you email to ask how to change your points to cash! Clearly this is what some people must say to themselves 'I want to make money but I don't want to work!'

I honestly do not mind answering questions, pointing people in the right direction, giving advice, helping set things up as a sponsor it is what I am there for but I can not do your actions, walk your path, write your story, build your business or fund your family, yes even requests for money do pop up sometimes.

If you have not heard of SFI or are not a member yet check it out here:

Sheila's JMT
FYI, JMT means Join My Team


Yeak CTP Talk is slowly coming back to normal and stubbornness sometimes can be a good thing lol
Those kinds of people will be around forever, looking for a miracle and wait for the money to rain and those tend to give up right away. For those, I give two options, if they are willing to listen and work their ass off for this I will support 100%, if not, goodbye!
Keep up the good work Sheila :)

I shall take that as a tip and tell them the same, thank you taking time to reply :)