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Yep..... all these coins came from change at the local Hobby Lobby store!!!πŸ˜‡
Well some of these coins came from this store!!πŸ˜€

That's not what got Silvertop excited....this is!!!


This is what we need in local stores, tubes, capsules, books, and much, much, more! The starting ground for coin collectors and stackers!!!


This is how we get kids started, you get them interested at a young age.....Like Silvertop! πŸ˜€


Many stackers will remember finding that well worn silver coin in change, those times are all but gone..
This grass roots approach to silver, and coin collecting, made it easy to fill coin books.


My hats off to Hobby Lobby for offering these coin collecting supplies!!!
Encouraging kids to press coins into coin folders....Silvertop always used a spoon, and then I taped some in that wanted to fall out!!!....How barbaric!!!πŸ™„

Maybe there is a kid down your street stapling Half Dollars in one of these paper and cellophane coin holders as you read this post!!!!πŸ˜‡
Just start...and stack on my friends!!!πŸ˜€

Silvertop MikeπŸ˜€

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That is really cool to see at a store. Around here you can barely find that stuff at the LCS. Are you a nickel saver also? They do cost more to produce than what they are worth.

Very true @vgholdingsllc....I started putting nickel's in jars, I'm not sure why Lol!!
I guess it's just the collector in me my friend!!! Pennies too!!!
Probably because I did this with silver coins back in the day LoL!πŸ˜‡πŸ˜€

I don't think I am going to retire from my nickel's LOL!!

It looks like Zinc and Nickel are down in price right now. Usually a Nickel is worth about $0.06 in melt. If you want to see melt prices, check out Coinflation . Pretty cool webiste. It has base metals and silver coin melt values.


Very good website, I think I Have been there too. Interesting .... I'll just keep putting my nickels in a jar! Lol🀣
It must be silver coin flash-backs!! LOL!!

No way! Those kinds were change? I see some pure silver ones there, is that right?

I had to add a few "real silver"ones !!πŸ˜‡πŸ˜€

When I was a kid, I was collecting comics and stamps, but it would be great to have these stores in our towns... Unfortunately, I don't have that nor I have seen something similar in wide-area either... Would like to see my son collecting silver coins :) But, I did buy him some BTC and ETH... :) That's a beginning :)

Thats excellent I think we need to encourage our kids to invest and save, and silver is one more way to diversify! πŸ˜€

Thats awesome! I went to a hobby lobby in Georgia, was similar to a store chain here called Princess Auto. I wonder if they have stuff like this? Pretty cool that Hobby Lobby does!

All those future stackers @fat-elvis...A new generation in the making!!!πŸ˜€

Books are the most important thing to a young numismatist. Not technical books about die-errors, but books with interesting stories about coins.
Q D Bowers wrote dozens of books about coins that are perfect to the new and old numismatist.

Exactly needs to catch the young numismatist attention!! They will have a lifetime to get the fine details down!!!πŸ˜€

That's really cool, I have not been in a hobby lobby in for ever. I will have to stop by and see if the ones here have these things for stacking and protecting your collection.

Check it out @maddogmike, I haven't seen any other stores that cater to coin collecting/stacking. The owners must be stackers!!!πŸ˜€

I missed so much!

I really like that this store carries all of these supplies! I have two very good LCS's and they don't carry any of this @silversaver888! Anyway we can encourage kids to start saving, stacking is good!!! Take care my friend!πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜€