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RE: How do you explain crypto to your wife?

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Wow now this is a mission that is hard to accomplish, my girlfriend got into crypto exactly into hive because of me constantly talking about it.
I found it the easiest way to explain to people is to show them use cases. For example me showing my bitpanda account to my girlfriend basically every day since January. I am testing their BCI25 (crypto index and gained over 75% on my total investment of 265)
I showed her my earnings on posts I made and I showed her NFTshowroom and since she is an artist she got hooked by the idea.
Showing others how to use crypto for themselves. You still have to do the whole explaining, but you can point anyone who wants to learn about crypto to all they need to know is explained in the simplest way here.
Understanding the technologies is not important to make use of them. Ergo you do not really know whats happening inside your phone when you play an app but you are totally capable of using the app.
I have no freaking clue what happens in the smart contracts of cubdefi but I see the system works and is semi easy to use so I use it because gains are noice!
Also there is a new project that could be really interesting in onboarding people to adapting the blockchain. Just reading through it myself, and it sounds like something that could work for a much wider audience.
Esplaining blockchain to my father was like him telling me yeah bro thats basic cryptography but he is still not invested in it. Would solve his life for retirement. Even he is retiring in like 5 years...(I still believe that major crypto adoption takes more than a decade from now on but the growth will be exponential therefore if my dad would invest a smaller sum now it would be a nice addition to his retirement funds in 5 years...)
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Thanks a lot for this amazing comment! I think that Hive can be a nice starting point because once you have an account and enough RC you can just start. In the end I believe that if the person is curious enough, she will want to learn by herself. But even Hive is a huge challenge... Try to explain Hive Power, HBD, voting power, voting percentage, tribe tokens in a fashion that a newbie can follow lol


I totally get it but in case of my GF she got involved and as soon as you have to use an exchange and buy Hive for your HBD So you can make a deposit to NFTshowroom and you know its worth something, you will get eager to know more. For example she wanted to deposit directly on nftshowroom, has a 1% fee is you deposit on leodex it is only 0.25% stuff like this makes you want to learn more. And as soon as you see that there is serious money involved you want to know your shit :D

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