Spinvest-Leo important update - WLEO involvement.

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Hello SPI investors, I am finally back to update the progress for this subsidiary account of @spinvest. Over the last few weeks, I have been very focused on my personal account (@jk6276) and other activities, and Spinvest-leo has been very quiet. Moving forward, There won't be regular updates from this account. Other SPI admin team have been in discussions about content creators for this account, but whatever the outcome of that is, my personal involvement will mainly be the behind the scenes admin stuff. Updates will happen with important news, but regular weekly posts won't be coming from me.

To gain insights into the weekly performance of this account, all the data is collected in the @spinvest weekly income post.


@spinvest-leo will be in the WLEO pool. There is no plans to set up a new "SPEW" pool, but we will be putting some of our funds into the pool. This won't be a large scale investment, but will grow and be added to over time.

My goal is for @spinvest-leo to hold an equal value in the LP as it does in staked LEO on chain. I think that the Liquidity Pool investing is right up Spinvest's alley - "get rich slow". This time around, the reward model for LP's is much more sustainable in the long run, and safer.

I have commenced a Power Down of HIVE Power on this account. Spinvest holds a large amount of HP on the main account, and it seems redundant for Spinvest-leo to also hold some. This power down will be used to buy more LEO tokens on the market, and add them to the LP.

wleo pool start.png

Source: APY.vision (formerly liquidity.vision)

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New Content:

This account is getting a makeover. I (@jk6276) am stepping back from regular content creation, and a new series of posts is planned to come from a colaboraztion between @metzli and @no-advice. Stay tuned to see what interesting fresh content they have in store for you.

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LEO backed investment token.

Many of you would have seen this post from the main Spinvest account. Some may have wondered what it would mean for this account. In general, nothing will change. We have a new content team coming to liven this account up, and I will remain in the background re-investing profits and taking care of behind the scenes. This account is 100% owned and run as a @spinvest sub-account. It will have no direct relationship with the new project. I am pewrsonally more than happy to assist behind the scenes, and am always available to the new team for advice if requested, but I'll try to let the new project run its own race, independent of what I am working on here. Personally, I'll be buying into the new Leo backed investment token, but this account will have no direct connection to it, and will probably not be investing in it. My main focus is to build our involvement in the LP for the long run, and keep the profits flowing in for SPI.

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Thanks everyone for reading, I'll be back occasionally with WLEO and @spinvest-leo updates, but stay tuned for some fresh new content coming as mentioned above.



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Thank you for the update!

We will be publishing our new post series soon :)

Thank you for all you have done for the team, your work is amazing.

Thanks @metzli, I'm looking forward to the new content you will be bringing.

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It is great that you are joining this account to help with the posting of content.

I look forward to reading it and for it to help feed into SPInvest.

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Thank you very much for the updates and all the work done. On the other hand I have a doubt, the SPEW Pool will not work anymore?

Financial Markets Analyst

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Correct, there is no SPEW pool this time. I have not got the time to run it this time.

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The tentacles of SPInvest are reaching further out.

It is exciting to see.

As for the new project, absolutely keep focusing upon this account. There are enough of us to push the new project under SPInvest.

LEO is going to moon over time so it is fantastic that we are seeing so much progress in this account.

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I'm excited to watch this new project get up and running, it could be huuuugeee.

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In here, I want to ask some questions.

How can I get SPI?

How much accounts can I sign up or hold in this blockchain?
Which benefits can I get by using various accounts?

Thank you.

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SPI tokens are available on LEODex or Hive engine. Supply is limited and they are not cheap. But they are fully asset backed unlike many tokens, and hold a diverse portfolio of assets being managed - and pay a small weekly dividend even.

Multiple accounts are not really much benefit these days. My advice is to work on building one account mainly. Spinvest uses a few accounts as it's a partially decentralised project and a few different people run different branches.

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Thank for your Explanation

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Thank you, carry on.

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Will do.

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So by owning SPI tokens I am part of @spinvest-leo or do I need to delegate LEO?

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Spinvestleo is a component of SPI. It's assets are included in Spinvests holdings. It's just a separate account that I run on behalf of SPI.

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That's disappointing.

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If you're referring to the SPEW pool, I am sorry but I just can't commit the time. I'd love to see someone else take it on, but it's a challenging undertaking.

Sorry mate.

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