5 ways to easily earn crypto while on LOCKDOWN

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5 Ways to earn Crypto while on LOCKDOWN

With governments from all over the planet responding to the COVID-19 virus in different ways, millions have been told to stay home with no set date to return to work while others may have lost their jobs completely. While we are all stuck at home, there are a multitude of methods and techniques that can be used to earn some cryptocurrency online. Today more than ever people are looking for and finding ways to bring in some extra money, cryptocurrency offers many different ways to do this but lets look at the simplest 5 ways that people are making crypto from today.


Let's get this one out of the way first. If you are a person that is good at analyzing charts, then you could make a decent amount of money from by regularly trading. It is the riskiest form of earning crypto in this list but it is also the option with the best profit gains potential also.

If you are interested in learning to trade, take your lockdown time to practice ith a play money account. The good thing about crypto is it is 24/7 and the market is always open meaning you can do it as much are as little as you would like. In the traditional market's, trading is only done during stock exchange opening hours.


Mining & Staking

People can mine crypto's that leverage application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC)devices, GPUS and CPU's if they invest someone into equipment. If one was able to access cheap are free electric, this can be very profitable. Most people mining these days will be part of a mining pool as it becomes increasingly harder for individuals to keep up with the equipment required.Cloud mining is also an option for those that do not run there own equipment. These are normally sold in contracts by hash power.
With staking, people can earn crypto currencies by owning a staking proof of stakes tokens (PoS). These are very simple and one of the most passive way to earn crypto for just HODLing. This will normally require tokens/coins to be staked/powered up in return for an more tokens. HIVE currently pays out 2.9% per year on all powered up HIVE tokens so your already staking been if you do not know. That's how passive staking can be


Blogging and creating content

Of course here at HIVE we blog and get paid in HIVE crypto, but we also can produce videos, music, memes are even porn if you're down for the world to see your ass for a few HIVE's worths of dporn tokens. In addition to this, there's are other blogging platforms out there that pay in another crypto. read.cash lets people earn Bitcoin cash for blog posts.

There is one other place used to be popular for blogging but something happened to it and now it's a shitshow. Steemy?, streamry?, something like that. There are at least 5 other half-decent crypto paying blogging platforms out there. Im not gonna advertise them here but google + 20 seconds will provide you with the answers.


Collecting Airdrops

Oh yes, this is the fun one. This the one that sends you to cuckoo land but a the same time can be very portable as well. Airdrop schedules can be found easily online and there are 2 main ways to be part of an airdrop. Number 1 is own the mainnet token and number 2 is complete a set of tasks.

Earn from owning primary tokens
Bitcoin has hard-forked and airdropped 5 times since the end of 2014. Bet you only heard of bitcoin cash but there was also bitcoin XT, bitcoin classic, bitcoin unlimited and bitcoin gold. All failed projects with gold just about hanging in there. Bitcoin SV is a hard fork of bitcoin cash so we will leave that one in pandora's box.

Earn form completing tasks
Many new cryptos's being released would rather airdrop tokens to people that have completed tasks. By completed tasks, i mean to promote the new crypto. These are to be treated with caution. This can be everything from completing surveys, signing up to new projects, referring friends, sharing links on your social media, etc, etc. These are easy to complete but getting paid can take anywhere from a few days to never. ICO scams still exist so be wary of promoting exit scammers and never ever send any form of funds to any wallet/account that requires you to deposit before you can withdraw. Like you receive $20 in rewards but the min withdraw amount is $25. You will lose $5 100% of the time. On the flip side, you can earn some good airdrops and the best straagegy to the dump the airdropped tokens/coins asap and convert to BTC.

Accept Crypto for services are products

This is a dead easy one for anyone that already has a good are service for sale. By expecting crypto as payment and not converting any are all of it into fiat cash, they will become invested. A few years back, 50 cents accepted Bitcoin for an album he put out. He sold a few thousand copies back in 2013 for BTC and but he time he cashed them in out in 2017, has stash had grown to be worth over $8.2 million (so they say) but the point is simple enough. Accept £20 worth of Bitcoin for something today and cash out $50 in a few years (possibly)

Thank you for reading through this post. If you knew of any other ways to passively earn crypto, please do share in the comments below.

Lastly, i forgot


Brave Browser

I have been using it for around 4 months and i like it. The only thing is i can not skip ad's on youtube after 5 seconds but i hit the refresh pag button and it has the same effect. It's a much better when compared to chrome, my thoughts only.


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