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RE: How do you explain crypto to your wife?

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I still haven't gotten people into this space (yet), because I've taken the approach to wait until people are ready and start asking questions and I see that they are truly interested.

But whenever I get the chance to introduce people into this space, I will teach them by doing. I've seen that for me, when I myself got introduced, that it worked by doing it myself with an instructor by my side. Also showing some instructional videos with graphics in how blockchain technology is set up and after every step ask them if they understood the information and ask them to explain it in turn to you.

With every topic I give one example and let the newbie give an example of their own, to test if they've understood the material or not. Furthermore I've seen from my own experience as a newbie, that I learned by doing with a mentor beside me, instructing at every stage.

And then also give them "homework" to write a post for example here on Hive and/or let them do their own research about a certain topic and let them present what they've learned so far.

The important thing is that my "way" takes time, but that's because people have a certain amount to focus and it's important to know we can't teach them everything in one day and that patience is key. I know that, because it also took time for me and certain things had to be repeated for me to remember it.

It also helps to know your "students", because everyone learns differently and if you know how they learn, you can apply your teaching method to them.

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I will teach them by doing

I think that it's almost impossible to transfer all the necessary knowledge about crypto in a course type of environment. Simply because the crypto world is evolving so fast and it's almost impossible to keep up with it. The best is to give a real example that should arouse the learners own curiosity so that he starts researching and learning by himself.

Thanks a lot for your great comment!


That is true because I keep learning along the way and even those who were at the start of this technology keep learning and evolving.

I knew about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology before I opened up a Hive account and invested some coins into crypto, but was really a silent investor. It was until I joined Hive that I got more and more interested and started learning about some ins and outs.

You've mentioned that she's a teacher or something in that sense? If so, I would start with Hive and Noisecash and gradually show videos about the blockchain. If she want to know or learn more about the coding behind it all, you could also show her how you could give computer commands with coding; the simple coding commands of "open", "copy/paste", "select", etc. My partner showed me a couple of years ago and a "new world" opened to me hahahaa

Thanks a lot for these nice tips. They might come in very handy :-)

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