HIVESTATS: Watching My Auto-investments on Hive Blockchain ($42 in 20 Days)

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Hive blockchain is a socialmedia that is designed to allow every user to own a stake and by implication become a Co-owner or Co-CEO of the platform. Yes! Every user on Hive blockchain owns a share and has right to participates in every decision in the platform with his Hive Power.

When creating contents on Hive, a user is given an toption to either Decline payout, Set a 50% compulsory savings for himself as stake or stake all of his earnings from that particular post. The option is usually set at 50% liquid/50% Stake option for all users.


The feature above is to help a user to save a part of his earnings so he could own a share in the platform's capitalization share. A stake helps to define a user's influence on the platform and to also determine how rewards are being shared to other uses.

A user with 1,000 HIVE stake has more influence than a user with a 100 HIVE stake.

Always a reward on posts. Exchanging Hive for Hive Power is called "Powering Up" or "Staking". With your stake, a user is helped to invest for the future. Within my 30 months of stay on Hive, I have been able to save over 5,000 Hive in stake but had withdrawn a part some months ago.

This shows that a user may decide to keep or withdraw his stake. However, it is important to note that withdrawing one's stake reduces his influence in the system in decision making and in sharing rewards.


A user can also manually Stake/Power up his liquid HIVE tokens to have special abilities on the Hive Blockchain such as:

  • Greater voting power on content posts
  • More curation rewards when voting on content posts
  • More resource credits to do transactions on Hive Blockchain

Using Hivestats this everning, I was ale to look-up the amount of HIVE I staked from my overall rewards in the last 20 days of July 2020. It was awesome to see that the platform codes helped me to automatically invest $42 worth of Hive in the last 20 days. That's a huge amount to have.


While I had earned about a double of that amount in the last 20 days, 50% was saved for me for the future through the auto-staking scripts. This is one of the amazing features of the Hive Blockchain that makes it standout from others.

On Hive, we earn now and we earn in the future.

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Hivestats is an awesome tool-set provided for Hive users by the LeoFinance community to help track their accounts and generate growth charts for easy assessments.

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