Utopis has sold out first round in less than a week!! Divs to start soon!

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Hey all, been a bit busy growing the Utopis project from the outside killing those daily goals and working on that $1200 + a week on earnings, by doing this Project Utopis already has some nice income/divs on its way.

You can you buy Utopis on Tribaldex.

This will help Hive a bit since I will be purchasing the hive direct from exchanges not just created as curation rewards real $$ will be pumped in the project weekly, thus making it grow a bit faster.

Thank you!

I was blown away with how fast and how much you all are interested in this project. So you are aware Frist Payment will be done this Monday if all goes well with the backend Hive will be purchased and disbursed according to token % I of course will be excluded from these divs, the account that it will be sent from will be @utopis.

What now?

Since this is going to be a bulky project and I will continue to make it grow and continue to expand the Mining power of the Utopis Rig, I am on the look out for daily deals on cards I am not about to pay 3x MSRP for cards.. than again its so dang profitable.

Just to recap on the main points of the project.


I plan to grow my project with these key metrics:

  • Hive power

  • Miner rig size

  • Weekly Dividends

  • Coin price

I do want to point out that I am the largest holder of Workerbee with 23,000 WB- earning some nice BEE daily, I am also the Second largest Holder of BRO token which is a very successful project with The BRO Token project being valued at over $100,000 its safe to say I am positioned in a good place. I also hold a decent amount of Dhedge. So I say again, lets grow at a nice rapid pace.

1: Hive power

From sales and my own portion of the earnings I will be looking at powering up our project as much as I can. This will only grow in size through time.

2: Mining rigs

Similar to Hive Power I will use the non-dividend portion to grow my mining rig so that I mine harder and faster with the focus on growth and dividends.

3: Dividends

Through my focus on compounding as much as I can, I will be focusing on growing the dividends substantially. Initially, I expect the dividends to get smaller as we sell more coins into the hands of hiveans, however I think as I attain more hive and we eventually sell out, our dividends will begin to increase exponentially.

4: Coin Price

Like BRO I admired the almost 90% token burn and the effect that has had on the token price. I want to emulate this and follow a similar pattern. This is why I will release tokens in stages, and have a small soft cap. However, my hard cap will be higher just until I am happy that everything is flowing smoothly.

Networking model

Again, like BRO I will be looking to grow in other projects too. For example, I prefer to work together with projects rather than seeing them as competition. Helping each other grow better and larger is the way to go. I will also be trying to work with other similar project owners in an attempt to create some synergy around hive.

In doing so I was able to swap a small portion of Utopis for some prominent tokens on the Hive Blockchain, thus increasing our speed of growth.


Total Hard Cap: 1 Million Tokens
Total Minted: 100,000
Second issue: 20,000
Price @ second issue: 3.5 hive


This is of course only the start of what we can achieve. My first aim is to create an extremely bulky project with a competitive coin price that pays out outstanding dividends. The afterwards I will look into forwarding our direction from there. So, expect another roadmap in due course. For now, though, it’s going to be epic, and in the words of Bill and Ted.

“The Best Time To Be Is Now, And All’s We Can Say Is...Let’s Rock!”

You can you buy Utopis on Tribaldex.

Project Utopis Whitepaper


Passive income tokens generally tend to sell out quickly.
I thought about getting more but will have to wait for round 2, at least I got a chunk to start with, long live the passive long term income!
Keep it up mate, the hard work is paying off and we all will grow.

The Grind is real bro, wealth grows slow but guaranteed.

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I only bought 2 tokens to test the waters. Since the payments are weekly, I thought this would be enough to guarantee some rewards. Will there be some cut-off amount to get some of the dividend rewards?

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No you can have .001 Utopis and still earn Divs.

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UTOPIS is a big success!

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Thank you I appreciate it, still hustling and still grinding.

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Round 2 it is for me then.

Lets go!

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Hey, I just got wind of this project, I just bought some on the Engine and will be following you to see how it's going. Sounds like a solid plan, I wish you all the best



Nice, thanks for the follow. Lets keep on bulding.

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Hey I missed the first wave but I'm in for the second! Nice project!

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Right on man, lets grow our wealth.

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Nice jump in price. Thanks I bought bunch of utopis in first round. Now I will be just speculating and holding them. Good luck.

You did you good, now I am thinking maybe I should of added a bit more to the first round.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 44 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

A little late, but I caught second wave too!

I really like the idea of the project, especially that it also uses profits from outside the ecosystem (the Eth mining rig).

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Perfect, yea I thought it was a solid idea and bringing in Fiat to the mix makes it rather exciting.

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Oh yeah, I took a second look today. I don't know how DoorDash works, but seems to be profitable for you and it's great that you bring in part of the income there to fund UTOPIS.

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