Learn From Mistakes

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This is just a follow-up video from yesterday's vlog. As it was a little bit negative and I would like to clarify things and my thoughts about it...

I wanted to dive deeper into the situation with tribes and communities and make some comparison with the situation a few years ago...

Learning from mistakes is crucial, but even more important is to CHANGE your attitude and ACT differently than you have done when you made a mistake...


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Growing Up by Scott Buckley https://soundcloud.com/scottbuckley
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There really is no such thing as mistakes. Everything is a learning.

You are probably right.. ;)
Thanks for your comment!

Thanks for a great video Zoltan, and yeah we can only move forward and do better if we learn from past mistakes instead of repeating them, keep up your awesome work.

Exactly... I hope that our community will push hard and make our tribe better than the original STEEM was... Because, we have no excuses! :)

Right on point, there is no excuse to repeat past mistakes, only to learn from them and try to do better, stay awesome.