Don't Take it Personally

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I don't want to talk a lot about downvotes, because it's written and said already too much... Maybe we are giving too much exposure and attention to the downvoters and they probably like that... So, we don't have to bother too much with it...

I have just wanted to encourage newbies to create content without fear of downvotes... You don't have to be scared to create content, share your experiences if you are not spamming or plagiarise others' work (copy/paste others post/articles, etc...).

If you see a few downvotes, don't worry... They are mostly inoffensive and valued less than a cent, so they can't make too much harm to you...

... and the most important... Don't take it personally... The majority of the downvotes are automatic and follow some trail with certain rules... and can make mistake and downvote good content...

And one more important thing... If you are creating at CTPTalk, you are in the safe area as the majority of our tribe are awesome people and don't downvote others...

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great words and advice thank you for the video motivation

Thank you! I hope it will help!

Thanks @ph1102 for your post and the inspiration to the small accounts such as mine to continue in light of what's happening. You don't really pay much attention to what's going on with it until it happens to you for no legitimate reason. That's what happened to me. Much appreciated.

Yes, it's true... Most of us were there... If you create content, you will probably receive some downvote sometimes... But, they are really low valued...
Anyways, if you don't create, you will not receive downvotes, but, what will you get? NOTHING :)

Really good advice for us newbies here. This site is not like anything else I've seen and can be intimidating. Thanks for the tips.

Yes, it's different from FB, Twitter or others, because of the money involved in upvotes/downvotes... Anyways, the important thing is community and good content creation... Then, you don't have problems :)

Very good advice! I'm slowly getting used to the pesky downvoters. I decided to give them a giphy with virtual hug. :) That makes me feel good. At least I did my part in spreading good vibes :D

!giphy smile

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

Exactly! I was also pissed off at the beginning... But, now I don't see downvotes at all... Just turn my head on other side and continue my work :)

Hi @ph1102 - nice words of encouragement to the newbies. I agree don't pay attention to the down votes, if you do your just buying into what they want you to, they do it to get under your skin, so don't let them. it does not matter about any down votes, just persist and keep posting :)

That is a really good point of view... Do not lower yourself to their level!

Great advice. Listen to this man he knows his stuff ;)

The man doesn't know that much, but I have learned to ignore "downvoters" on STEEM and in the real-life... :) And, that is an important lesson for everyone!

Nice video and advice Zoltan, and the downvoter you mentioned does not have any economic impact on the blockchain, that account and it's alters are downvoting everyone and thereby neutralizing their own downvotes, it could scare away newbies though, stay awesome.

Yes, he is harmless, but downvotes can scare newbies... Exactly because of that, I had to create this post...

Thanks for your comment.

Well done. 👍😀

Nice video and great advice to not take downvotes personally @ph1102, and you are right they don't have CTP tokens so it does not affect CTPtalk, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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CTPTalk is a sanctuary... :) Everyone come here, you are safe! :)

Thanks @ph1102, yeah we do need more people here, keep up your awesome work.