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I have a need to write my reasons why am I doing what I'm doing... Writing blog posts, recording vlogs on STEEM, CTPTalk, and LBRY... Okay, there is some economic incentive to do that, but the other side is much more pleasing and more important...

I like to write about my personal experiences with a business, my failures, and mostly when I'm suggesting to others to do, I'm saying that to myself, also... To create, to engage, to help others to push on...

And the real reason for doing all this is my need to change myself, to try to be my better version... And, by doing that, I would like to pick some of you also, who are willing to take the same path as me... Moving our limits, widening up that comfort zone is the right way to do it...

I had a big help when I came to this great blockchain platform, in @jongolson and @richardtaylor... They show me the right way, to create blog posts, to create valuable content... After that, @pixiepost came and push me more, to create video blogs (which I have never, ever, ever would imagine that I can do)...

Slowly, I've started to "feel" the community, the vibe, and then I have recognized myself as a part of the bigger thing... Now, it's my turn to help others to create, engage, to grow...

I'm happy when I see others that, after only 2-3 posts, have that "community feeling" as they are here for 20 years... That's the sign that we are good hosts and we are doing a good job!

I have mentioned in the video @bradleyarrow, but there are many others like Eliana, Lisa, Jenna, David... I have forgotten someone, I'm sure, and forgive me for doing that...

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Music in video:
Growing Up by Scott Buckley
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You're amazing. 💗

Thank you... YOU are amazing! :)

Thanks for helping me out and pushing over the edge :)

I am so happy to see you grow & glad I could be a small part of it..💗


... and here is one :) to you, too! Glad to see you crushing here on STEEM and CTPTalk!

You are a definite role model of mine here on this platform. Your support and sense of humor give me a little extra shove that I need some days to keep moving, to keep creating. Thank you!

Thank you for your kind words, Jenna! I like your posts to read and watch, too... And if someone is a role model then you are! I mean... 7 teenagers in the same time?? that's unbeatable... :)

Thanks for a great video Zoltan, and for sharing about yourself and your motivation, and I agree the money is nice to get, but the community and helping others while learning is what I love, stay awesome.

Thank you, Erik! You are the big part of my journey here and your invitation to TIA moderation team has made a big impact on me...

Thanks Zoltan, and I am very grateful for the great work you do moderating CTP, stay awesome. 👍😀🙏

It is cool when you have the purpose of doing something!

It is cool to see that you are making a change... on yourself and others...

Thank you for your comment!

I just rewatched this video. What a fantastic job @ph1102 did. A love fest indeed. But you know what. This is what the CTPTALK tribe by @jongolson and Steem can do for you also.

Makes me happy to be part of this family.


Thank you, Bradley! Happy to have you here!

It is cool when you have the purpose of doing something!