Positive Customer Support Experience?

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Christmas is here and when everyone is so positive, happy and smiling, it's a perfect time to talk about customer service... :)

I think that no person that didn't have some contact with customer support of any kind. Of course, you are reaching customer support because you have a problem and when you have a problem that means that usually, negativity is all around you.

So at the very beginning, we have a bad start... Both sides in the conversation have to have a lot of patience, not just a customer, but also the person on the other side from the support...

Only then the problems can be solved. If there is no understanding from both sides it is impossible to solve any issues and be satisfied with the result...

I had a very positive experience yesterday with contacting the #CTP support, to be exact with Mr. Blain Jones... (check the video for details...) On the other side, @jongolson is creating YouTube videos as an answer to customer's support tickets! That is the next level of support!

That is the key to the success of your business journey... I know that you can't please everyone but you have to have patience and respect for the person who is helping you to solve the problem... And if we look from the other angle, with the person who's asking you for help...

Have an awesome Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

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This is a positive way of showing a customer satisifaction :)

It's too easy to criticize and be negative... It's a challenge share positivity and good vibes.... :)
Merry Christmas!

Look at you doing vlogs and all now :)

So proud of you!

And very proud to be part in a program with the best costumer service!!

Merry Christmas Zoltan all the best for you and family ❤🍀

Yeah, I'm D.Tube and YouTube guru now... :)

Thanks for your kind words and wish you all the best and Merry Christmas!

Awesome :)

Shibbyyyyy! :)

Everyone...?? tho you encouragement to me.

If you celebrate it then Merry Christmas!

cute. a time of giving and sharing.

I have had positive customer support from the CTP team whenever I had any issue.

That's great to hear and nice to share :)

Thanks for a great video @ph1102, and really nice to hear you share your experience with both sides of customer support, and yeah Jon and Blain are very fast to fix any problems, Merry Cristmas and keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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Thanks for watching! And thanks for the curation!

Thanks @ph1102, and keep up your awesome work. 👍🙏🎅