Distraction and Focus!

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Earlier today, I have read a blog post from my friend @gadrian, where he was writing about the fact that people got lazier with passing time... When I saw the title, I thought that he will write about different parts of one person's life, but he got deep into the history of mankind...

But, as a matter of fact, we can watch the same thing in both ways, and we will get similar results... The article was just a starting point for my thoughts about laziness, and that led to distraction and further to the importance of focus...

I would say that distraction and focus are the main problem (or solution) to the majority of the problems that online marketers are facing... Bombarded by millions of information, we have to pick only those that are important for us and keep our focus as much tight as possible... Those who succeed in doing that will reach the goal, others will be lost in a jungle of useless information...

And for the end... These awesome games that are built on the STEEM blockchain don't help with focusing... :) Did someone mention Holy Bread? :)

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Thanks for a great video Zoltan, and yeah distractions is all around while time is limited, and if we don't focus on what's important we will have to catch up later and that is a lot harder to do, especially if we already have a lot to do, stay awesome.

I can hear you on that... It's hard to catch up...

Thanks for your comment!

Thanks Zoltan, yeah for the most part you will just have to start over and skip some if it's too much to catch up with, stay awesome.

Oh yeah, you hit the nail on the head with distractions and focus. With Holybread too, I just started playing it about two days ago, it sucks up way too much time...

lol... I feel your pain... But, it can get better with time... I'm in the game from the first day, so I'm not distracted too much... just click in the game, skip to another tab, and do my work... :)

Thanks for the comment!

Holybread is simple but you need to constantly, upgrade, quest, fight, upgrade, quest, fight... ;)

And for the end... These awesome games that are built on the STEEM blockchain don't help with focusing... :) Did someone mention Holy Bread? :)

Wenn you combine Holy Bread and Steemmonsters you have the mother of all distractions ;-). I've ended up dedicating special slots of time to these games so that I could work productively all the same. This made me loose some ranks on Holy Bread but at least I get some things done...

Great post!

I'm playing Splinterlands for some time, so I have organized myself for that game... Now, it's time for Holy Bread to organize it and to not give it too much time... :) Tying to "moderate" myself... But, it's not an easy job... (lots of fails... lol)

Focus is a major obstacle.
So many were brain washed by the multi-tasking method which leads to mediocrities.

As far as holy bread....I like it so far.
Interesting enough to feed the competitiveness, but also quick & easy not to burn an entire evening. Like you say, click, click on to a new tab.

Oh, yes... Don't give more time to Holy Bread than click, click and switch to a new tab :)

Okay, this if funny! My husband and I have this discussion alot! This morning he commented about how some of his socks weren't matched correctly. There are alot of pairs that look the same. Admittedly, when I fold laundry I watch TV. And he said there it is, proof that the human mind cannot focus on one task at a time. :-) But folding laundry is my TV time too.

hahahaha... That is one really great example of everyday distraction!

Thanks for sharing :)

You're welcome!

I'm supposed to be writing an email series right now, but I felt the urge to hop over to CTP Talk and get distracted! At least I might earn some CTP Tokens as a reward for getting distracted with CTP Talk content - it beats Facebook in that regard!

hahaha... No, no... CTPTalk doesn't count as a distraction... it's platform for everyday learning :)

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