The Last Badge Announcement

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At last, the day has come. The day when I will announce my 5th badge for the CTP Christmas badge hunt.

I have received many great ideas for my last badge, but I had to pick just one. The winning idea was sent by Ian Ballantine and it's actually really simple. (@ianballantine I have sent you some CTP tokens as a reward, buddy!)

If you want to receive my last badge you will have to write a post at about how did you start with affiliate marketing. Please write a post with at least 250 words and contact me with the link to the post.

If you have my other four badges you are qualified (not classified as I said in the video... lol) for the additional reward that I have decided to give. All 5 collected badges will get the fastest 3 people a free yearly hosting.

But if you are not between the 3 fastest, don't worry... I have some free CTP tokens for you...

Happy hunting!

Check out ClickTrackProfit website and find my badges there... ;)

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Thank you very much my good friend Zoltan for selecting myself to be the recipient of your prize.

I am now just 620CTP from the completing @jongolson Road to 5,000CTP challenge. Also, for the first time I am in the top 40 as stated on

Having won this prize, I will not contest the free hosting for 1 year. Sharing is caring, so let's get another winner up on our podium, eh.

As you wish, Ian. When badge hunt finishes, we will find some other gift for you :)

Hi @ph1102. Great idea from Ian. Since I already wrote a blog in CTPTalk explaining why I joined CTP and entered affiliate marketing, I don't want to duplicate.

Good luck everyone with your post and getting that badge!

Send me the link of the post to PM at Discord, Telegram or CTP website, and I will send you the badge...

sent via CTP PM. thanks. don't know if they may qualify. thanks for checking.

Great video Zoltan, and nice pick for your last badge, and I now have a great subject for today, I will put it up in a few hours, and give the hosting to someone who needs it, I already have all the hosting that I need, have an awesome weekend.

Great... Thanks in advance! I hope that others will take action and collect the badge and reward!

Yeah that would be great Zoltan, here is my post by the way,

Hi @ph1102 here is the link to my post about why I started affiliate marketing.

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Can you send me somewhere PM? (Telegram, Discord, CTP and I will send you link to claim your badge)
Thanks! Or leave me your username there...

Thanks for a great video @ph1102, and you have made a good job picking the challenge for your last badge, I hope a lot will pick it up, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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Thanks for the comment and curation! I appreciate your support!

Thanks @ph1102, and keep up your awesome work.