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The CTP Christmas Badge Hunt is slowly coming to its end, and I was late with announcing my last badge for the hunt. I have done it 3 days ago in this post and I was scared that there won't be enough time for others to get it and collect my special prizes... But, luckily, I was wrong... :)

If you don't know, this was my FIRST Badge Hunt ever in the role of badge issuer (but I was participating in the hunting part also :) ), and I'm really happy with the results of it. Not just that I have received almost 20 subscribers to my list, followers on my CTPTalk account, but for other reasons, too!

This kind of event is some kind of "filter" for users and in these moments it's much more clear the picture which members are action takers and which one are observers. Also, I'm happy that my badges are motivated some people to step out from their comfort zone and do something that they didn't do usually...

Oh, yes... The prizes... I have to admit that I have hint about possible winners even before the Badge Hunt started, but there were some really pleasant surprises... The old wolves were ruthless, @flaxz and @ianballantine were faster than lightning, but they didn't want the first prize, so I moved them to the next places. @russellstockley was the next one to collect all 5 of my badges and he got the highest place on the leaderboard. After him, the first surprise for me, @jennawash5 stepped out from her comfort zone and wrote an amazing article about her journey. Check out her article here And then, under the pressure of catching the bronze medal, our veteran @pixiepost is creating a video with her experience in affiliate marketing.

I would also like to mention @lisamgentile1961, as she is getting every day better and better in her blog posting on CTPTalk... Please support her as she is becoming everyday content creator! Also, @elianaicgomes wanted to take a part of the event, but step-out, because she has some secret project in the sleaves... :)

There is still time to take part in the giveaway... 5 places are waiting to be filled up... All you have to do is to collect all 6 of my badges and send me a screenshot and will get 100CTP to your CTPTalk account!

Watch out at these people that are mentioned in this post... They are (or will be in the future) true leaders!


  1. Russell Stockley - Free Webhosting
  2. Jennifer Washburn - Free Webhosting - DETAILS SENT!
  3. Jenn Nieto - Free Webhosting - DETAILS SENT!
  4. Ian Ballantine - 300 CTP tokens - didn't want the prize, but I have decided to give him something - PAYMENT SENT!
  5. Erik Gustafsson - 300 CTP tokens - didn't want the prize, but I have decided to give him something - PAYMENT SENT!
  6. YOUR PLACE? - 100 CTP tokens
  7. YOUR PLACE? - 100 CTP tokens
  8. YOUR PLACE? - 100 CTP tokens
  9. YOUR PLACE? - 100 CTP tokens
  10. YOUR PLACE? - 100 CTP tokens

Check out ClickTrackProfit website and find my badges there... ;)

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Don't forget to follow, resteem and browse my steempage to stay connected with all the great stuff!

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You did great with this badge hunt Zoltan, and thanks a lot for the prize, I wish you a Happy New Year, and stay awesome.

Thank YOU for all your support! We will do some great things next year!
Wish you all the best!

Thank you very much Zoltan, yeah the new year will be Awesome!

Oh Zoltan, I wanted that prize of free hosting for a year so badly, I'm just not able to commit right now for various reasons. Perhaps in a few more months, or maybe a little longer, so better to let someone else snaffle that one and grab their opportunity right now.

No worries, man... I appreciate all your support!
I wish you the best in the New Year!