My Thoughts on Steemit-Tron Deal

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I'm not a guy that rushes into things without thinking about it... a few times... at least... :) And also, it is important to give others a chance to express their point of view, before making some conclusions...

And, I have to say that all these announcements from the new Steemit Inc. boss, Justin Sun, were a bit clumsy and without a lot of real info... I can only say that they were perfectly timed... To kill a buzzing around the "Voice"... That was a pretty nice move, and it was very effective...

I have been involved in TRX a year ago, and in that time I have watched a lot of interviews with Justin Sun, and read a lot of news about him... I would say that he is the kind of person that you can dislike, but you have to admit that he knows how to marketing stuff and know how to get attention to himself and projects that he runs...

Of course, this deal has a lot of pros and cons, but I would say that's too early to make harsh conclusions as they have just made a deal... and it's impossible to do some things in a day or two, as some of the Steemians think... And it's too early to create panic as we really don't know Justin's future steps about Steemit and STEEM...

I would say that maybe even he doesn't know his exact moves for the future... And knowing that, we have a chance to convert some of his thoughts and maybe "float the boat" on our path... To do that, we should create a channel for communication with Justin and try to open a dialogue as adult people... Without attacking the first ball...

I have read a lot of stuff about this, but it's interesting that nobody has mention current employees in Steemit Inc (@andrarchy, @justinw, @vandeberg...)... Maybe they can be our first channel of communication with Justin and introduction to the STEEM community...

Don't forget to check out the video...

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thank you for you thoughts about this tron move and I think things will become interesting in the future

The main goal is accomplished... The main Steem competitor (Voice) was launched in Beta, and nobody paid attention to that because of Justin Sun's announcement... ;)

I did see a great breakdown of the meeting on Appics this morning that mentioned that the current steemit staff would remian the same, and that all things would stay the same for a while at leasty.
It also mentioned that the merger was going to bring Tron users into Steem and steemit.
again, there are many interpretation around all of this, the appics post I read this morning was a positive spin

There are a lot of speculations and half-information... I wouldn't take seriously a vast majority of them... I just follow common sense and there is no reason to think that Justin bought Steemit Inc. to kill STEEM blockchain...

Thanks for a great video Zoltan, and yes it will be very interesting moving forward, but I do not think he wants to kill what he just bought, but rather expand and improve it, and of course find ways of synergy with the Tron ecosystem and how that can work together, stay awesome.

Of course! You invest money in something that is undervalued, where you can help to bring value, and earn more money... It's a pure logic...

Thanks for your comment!

Thanks Zoltan, yeah it's even more logical since Tron does not have a social network already so it's not competing but complementing.

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Dear @ph1102

it is important to give others a chance to express their point of view, before making some conclusions...

Indeed. Thank you for sharing your mature view.

I would say that he is the kind of person that you can dislike, but you have to admit that he knows how to marketing stuff and know how to get attention to himself and projects that he runs...

Interesting. He does seem to be very business minded.

For many "small people" current takeover may be nothing more than changing 'ruling party'. Those in power will change, but show "must go on". And it will. With current whales (of which many are very hostile towards users) or without.

Also would you perhaps know how much STEEM did STINC sell on the market on monthly basis to cover their expenses? I stronly believe that Justin will not be pressured to follow this strategy. That would greately reduce SELLING PRESSURE. Wouldn't you agree?

I remember years ago FB bought Instagram. Even more worries and fear took place at that time. And few years later both exist: FB and Insta. Perhaps there is lesson to be learned here.

I decided to be optimistic. I wrote more about my own approach to this issue in my latest post (link here). Check it out and drop some comment :)

Solid read. Upvoted already :)
Cheers, Piotr

It's interesting that some of the "whales" on the STEEM were pointing out on Tron community how "poisonous" is, but they didn't look in their own house... We also have some "bad apples" here...

Anyways, I don't know the number of sold STEEM by SteemitInc, but I know that they didn't sell coins in the last 2-3 months... which is interesting to know, as the price was more-less stable exactly in that period...

We will see what the future brings, and I'm also optimistic about all this... Generally, there are a lot of awesome people on STEEM and they (we) can push forward whatever happens!


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