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RE: TLM worth $0.60 USD major WAX network news

in WeedCash Network2 months ago

I'm waiting until may 8th when they start the burn use case but the WAX price is a factor to if you not planning on immediately trading to something stable but if your going to keep the revenue as WAX like i am the price will likely go up once users can burn cards but small packs are climbing in price currently because the last Sketch NFT is still unclaimed on the small packs but the bigger packs will likely shoot up in value once cards are able to be burned on may 8th.
This is cartombs another R2 collectable the $5 pack I sold mine at the $20 price point now after their burn use case has run its course the price is $75 this is their last collection but all of them have a similar pattern it may take a while longer but I'm intending on selling mine at $50 this time because I messed up last time now I think I can see it coming. However the price increase to $75 took a month so its a gamble that WAX stays this high