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RE: Dysautonomia- why we should take it more seriously (opinion)

That's part of it. Also sexism in medicine is real and women often experience "medical gaslighting" and told we are being dramatic and often life threatening or serious symptoms (like say losing consciousness out of the blue that others witness) are simply ignored. POTS is relatively easy to diagnose (using the NASA 10 minute test) and has very specific physical findings that can't be faked. Yet so often it's dismissed as anxiety (which anxiety itself is a valid medical condition but POTS is not anxiety) or even worse as psychosomatic /factious. We humans have along way to go...

Though to be fair lying down does in a lot of cases prevent me from passing out but people don't like it when you do it in public. I have had to do it it and it freaks people out which doesn't help anyone. That said advising me to say use a wheelchair when in public would have been much more productive instead of scolding me for not lying down immediately when I felt pre-syncope symptoms (sometimes there are no pre symptoms and it's just "lights out' suddenly).