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First off, I would like to give a huge shout out to @jonyoudyer for being the only awesome grower. Wanna know why he is the only awesome grower? Well, a couple of weeks back I decided I wanted to start a new growing contest here on weedcash.

@jonyoudrer is the only other person that got off his ass and decided he would join me and make a weedcash grow log with the #weeklygrowlog tag. You can view his posts.

I have gone along a sent his rewards for being the only person that posted he also gets the extra 10 SBI.

Rules and format to Post:
1st: Can be any grow that you have on going.

2nd: You have to have 2 or more photos per post.

3rd: Has to have 100+ Words for each Weekly Post.

4th: You have to Use #weeklygrowlog & weedcash & cannabis as your first 5 tags.

5th: Add Your strain + Breeder + Weedcash In post title.

6th: Make Post from Weedcash.

7th: Share your post on all social media from Twitter to Instagram to other social platforms.

8th: Use #Weeklygrowlog tag to enter with any grow that you have going on. Only one per week tho

Prizes for this contest will be as follow:

You will get 1 SBI per weekly post. Only one Post per week will get SBI

You will receive a 100% vote from me.

Blue Freedom CBD

Now on to the grow that I am using for this grow log contest. The Blue Freedom is a CBD strain that is a 10:1 CDB:THC that was grown and given by OverGrow Canada.

During week #1 you can see that I have had some pretty good growth. This plant has started to grow quite tall so during week #2 I have had to use a way to keep it standing up. I will be putting this plant into the flower tent when the clones go in after this grow is over.

Please hit that upvote button and follow for some more cannabis grows and reviews.

Thanks for coming and checking out my #cannabis post, I am going to make reviews and grow logs to help Pay for more grow equipment. I have set out a new goal of 150 steem to help go towards a grow fan called the grow devil.

The reason behind this idea is to show the rest of the cannabis space that I can make reviews and grow logs and help pay for the future grows.

@ 25 of 150 steemGoal - If you would like to help out please send steem to this account and reason in the memo and I will be sure to mention and give you upvotes.

You can check out the old goal that I was able to hit Mars Hydro ts 600


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Careful, freedom dream is terrible genetics, barely classifies as hemp. Not to be mixed with real medicine genetics, and don't spend much time or effort growing them. I have tens of thousands of seeds for this strain. They're good for newbies to practice with, or for throwing into the garden at City Hall in spring.
If you're low on real seeds let me know, I can probably get you something.
The reason I didn't enter your contest was because it was limited to brand new crops, and mine won't be at that moment for another 6 weeks :)
Also, SBI is a scam. I have 20 of them but never receive a vote.

Hey man, I'd be interested in grabbing a few seeds from you if you are willing to let some good ones go? Real cannabis tho, not cbd ;)

Yo :) Where would you need them shipped to? Would you be growing them indoor? Any particular strains or uses?

I live in America.. North Carolina to be exact. I am going to be growing indoor, in bubble buckets.. I honestly don't really have a preference as long as the flowering time isn't over 8 weeks and I don't really like growing Sativa's indoors because they get way to big.. Other than that, I am pretty easy ;)

So no preference at all, except it has to be very fast flowering, and it should be on the Indica side. Hahah, got it ;D
I can get good seeds into the USA, and I won't get extradited by the DEA to go 5 years in your maximum-security prisons for it, like Marc Emery did!
I assume your mailing address isn't available publicly, in which case, you could email it to me if you like - drutter at protonmail :)
You'll be germinating in a couple weeks!

!BEER :0)

Damn man, you're Awesome!! Do you have discord? If so drop me a message there and we can chat more off-chain. My handle is moderndayhippie#6053 ... if not then I will contact you via email to talk more about details.

Hey @drutter, here is a little bit of BEER from @moderndayhippie for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.

Thanks for the info, I was just wanting to grow a CBD strain. I didn't realize the genetics sucked.

The Contest is now for any grow that uses weeklygrowlog tag.

With SBI it takes a few to get a vote but I get one every few days, I think I read if you have 150 you get 1 vote a day

I got the SBI when they Steem was like $5 each so my 20 cost like $100 USD.... and I still get nothing for it...... I'm not going to buy another 130 of them just to get something in return LOL

And you can't get a refund or transfer them? Talk about a bad investment. That like investing in.... McDonald's gift cards.

Best to just power up that Steem and increase your upvotes... that's how Steem is supposed to work. All these services and apps, most of them try to go around what the blockchain already does, to try and game it for a little extra profit, at the expense of everybody else. Laaaaaame.

Yeah Dana Larsen's useless seeds are horrible. Only grow them for practice or if you have nothing else. Like I said, it's hemp, very little cannabinoids (just a trace of CBD, like all hemp).

Grow a real CBD strain, like ACDC or Charlotte's web. You'll produce real bud, with strong medicinal effects, without too much THC. People smoke it to stop epileptic seizures when they start coming on. Try that with Freedom Dream and you'll just get a sore throat :p

Yeah.... the best thing about Freedom Dream seeds is that you get 100 for Free. And they grow very well in your basement with a $9 Full Spectrum LED lightbulb.... I learned a ton growing them..... I decarboxylate the flowers, leaves and everything to make My own low CBD Coffee, Tea, Hot chocolate and add a little to my Charlotte’s Web and Blue Dream mix. The other fun thing was to grow male and female and let them pollinate.... and make more seeds to give away for people to practice growing their own low CBD hemp.

They're like...... training seeds!

Oh damn, thanks for the kind words. Im having fun, and thank you for giving me an excuse to start growing again. We will get more grows, especially with the outdoor season coming up. Ill try to get a post up soon to promote this more.

Yeah I am hoping to see more. Outdoor grows are find but indoor is where it is at.

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For some reason Overgrow never mailed me seeds this year. So I only have the Freedom Dream Seeds from a few years ago + the ones I harvested. These seeds have almost 100% germination. And they grow very fast under my single Full Spectrum Lightbulb.

Shit haha It is freedom dream that is my bad I always screw it up.

I have grown a few but most have went out side to grow wild as that is what they where meant for.

You have tried the flower?

Yes …. Very mellow and relaxing. CBD ratio (10:1) is perfect for me. Also makes great Tea and Hot chocolate.

Nice, Gonna flower this one if it's a female if not might mix with some #steemog