Pocket Full of Quills (Weekend Freewrite - 02/22/2020)

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Author's note: Have you met Paprika, Prika for short? If not, please read the first part before proceeding. You can find it here:

Winter Brings Summer & Fall (Weekend Freewrite - 02/15/2020)

Image by Angel Plascencia from Pixabay

Prompt First Sentence: "It is crazy to start a porcupine farm in your backyard!"

"Oh shush you old dog! They've helped plenty in keeping that neighbor's pesky mutts away from our garden! And all they've ever asked in return are wood and some of the fruits and veggies still growing in the greenhouse." Hilda watched the family of porcupines outside on their yard from the kitchen window, she couldn't help but smile fondly at them.

"Well yeah, but you keep getting the wood from my workshop! I still need those!" Her husband, dear old Victor, tried to argue with her.

Hilda huffed out a laugh, "Dear, you haven't needed those in the past two decades! And I bet you're joints will be aching once you step out the door in this weather." She ended her point by imitating a shiver.

Huffing and stomping away from the kitchen, Victor set off to find some allies who'd see his side of things, without leaving the comforts of his home.

Image by mitchschlater00 from Pixabay

Prompt 2
He dialed the number of the police substation from memory. Officer Claire was on vacation.

But he'd bet his bottom dollar Jules was still there, clutching a steaming mug of coffee while he sat at his desk waiting to pick up calls from this small, backwater town.

Clucking his tongue while he waited for Jules to pick up, he was jolted out of his seat when he heard a crash coming from the kitchen.

At that moment, Jules had picked up so he was able to bark out a call for help before Victor trudged towards the kitchen in haste.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Prompt 3
a ball crashed through the window

Was what he first noticed, before he turned his attention to Hilda, she was unscathed though a bit shaken with the events. Then they heard a yelp from outside.

Cautiously looking out the window, Victor was surprised to see that some of the larger porcupines had found a way under the backyard fence and were heading towards their now fleeing neighbor.

Maybe those porcupines were good for something.


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