A Night of Everything and Anything (We-Write #13)

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We-Write #13: The Host

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And just like that, Jonathan easily slipped into a different persona. As Jonny James, he was lively and charismatic, which made people open up and easily talk to him; his smooth and warm voice like a beacon, attracting a person into a conversation.

It was also the reason why, even though he was still fairly new in his field, that the radio producers decided to invest in him by having him host "Everything and Anything".

True to the show's name, people called and asked about everything and talked about anything under the sun, though most were questions pertaining to the man behind the magical voice, Jonny James himself.

People were curious, and this was causing quite the trending topic in social media, as Jonny took note whenever he briefly glanced at the system chat on the screen.

His premier seemed to be ending on a warm note for tonight's episode until he got his supposedly last call for the night.

"Jonathan..." the voice had quietly said as Jonny tensed at the sound of the voice calling his real name with such familiarity.

"...It's Trixie... I-I'm just across Rhubard Street, near the alley. Please! I need you to come pick me up! Hurry! I-I think someone's following me..." the caller had stuttered out in a panic.

Jonny closed his eyes tight and held his head in his hands as he felt the beginnings of a headache forming. This couldn't be happening. Not tonight of all nights!

Thankfully, before he could come up for a response, Steven had already cut the lines and was doing damage control.

The show's ending music was already playing when Steven's voice cut through into his headphones, "You okay there bud? I'm sorry that wasn't supposed to happen, I made sure to screen the callers first before the show and that wasn't in the lineup!" Steven's usually calm voice now sounded agitated.

Jonny sighed, "It's fine. I guess I just need to call it a night." Not waiting for Steven's reply, he took off his headphones and stood up, quickly heading towards the restroom and not bothering to stop and chat with the staff who were offering him their congratulations on his successful premier.

Locking himself inside the safety of the small space, he turned towards the sink and gripped it tight as he looked into the mirror. Jonathan, he couldn't quite remember the man in the mirror. Oh but he remembered the thrill of the chase that warm summer night; a predator stalking its prey.

Closing his eyes, he tried to picture again her pale slender neck wrapped around his hands, hear her choking sounds as she frantically looked into his eyes, feel the warmth of the fire as he slowly burned her things near the deep ditch he buried her in.

Slowly opening his eyes, he calmly stared back at his reflection as he tilted his head. He knew Jonathan had "urges", the question was if he had done a good job in cleaning up his mess this time around.

Steadily, he washed his hands and straightened himself in front of the mirror as he swept his hair back with a smug smile on his face.

That was a question for another day, tonight he was Jonny James.


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Nice story for the prompt.

Thank you. I hope to read your story soon too ^_^

Thanks for share your thoughts

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Thank you for constantly visiting my posts :))

Thank you for the nice story...

Thank you so much for reading it :))

Wow, that was pretty dark!

i thought so too ^_^ thanks for dropping by! :))

Interesting storyline! Will have to trace back your other posts when have time.

thank you so much for visiting my post :))

Most welcome!

Excellent! Mysterious! Jonny has a number of faces and names now doesn't he? Cray cray!!! Really like this one.
Thanks for writing with us!

😊😊😊 I love encouraging words! Thank you so much. 😉👍

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I like your nonchalant approach to character development. Jonathan was all sweating bullets before the broadcast and voila

just like that, Jonathan easily slipped into a different persona.

A very interesting and puzzling way of skipping over the obstacle. Great idea!

As Jonny James, he was lively and charismatic, which made people open up and easily talk to him; his smooth and warm voice like a beacon, attracting a person into a conversation.

I wonder how do you make this assumption as this broadcast is the first in Jonathan's life I presume. Ah, maybe not the first one in his life but only the first one on this radio station. But I guess you feel that the reader is intelligent enough to fill this gap with their own imagination. That's very inclusive of you!

The more I go the more I am surprised. It turned out that Jonny had a magical voice. Perhaps that's why the producers decided that he will be a success. You've made Jonathan such a rich character!

Hm... Interesting development. I didn't understand how was it possible that Trixie called him on the line if he choked her before? But I guess this is not important. Again, you are giving the reader's imagination the benefit of the doubt. That's how it is and you fill in the blanks.


You really came up with a great continuation! Very imaginative and a bit macabre. Some Halloween hangover? :)

Definitely Halloween hangover 😂😂 thanks for dropping by 😉👍

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@imraincrystal - intriguing story to finish out the we-write. That Jonny - whooo!

Thank you for dropping by! ^_^ Jonny was a surprise indeed! ;)