Are You Voting for Hive Witnesses?

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Okay so today I want to remind those of you who forgot about voting Hive Witnesses or don't know about their witness votes.

You have 30 votes which you can use by voting those witnesses whom you see are adding value to Hive blockchain through their work.

I am writing this because I have completed all my witness votes and I think this is an obligation for all of us to vote for your favorite witness whom you want to be voted for his work.


One of my favorite is @leofinance, and this is because of its amazing platform with its amazing apps like Cub Finance, Wrapped Leo, LeoDex etc.

@leofinance is currently at 24 in the list of witnesses, so I would recommend you guys to vote for them.

Witnesses whom I have voted For

Well if you don't have any idea who to vote for, then I would like to recommend you the witnesses whom I have voted for. And these witnesses are @blocktrades @gtg @good-karma @roelandp @ausbitbank @steempress @pharesim @themarkymark @steempeak @therealwolf @arcange @ocd-witness @aggroed @emrebeyler @drakos @leofinance @curie @threespeak @mahdiyari @timcliff @jesta @deathwing @klye @neoxian @actifit @steemitboard @cryptobrewmaster @roomservice @engrave.

For those of you who have voted before but didn't check the list lately, I suggest you do because some of the witnesses are inactive.



I'm not quite a top 50 witness yet (#62) but I thought I'd introduce myself.

I am a lawyer and a geek (an unusual combination) by both education and practice.

I've brought these skills together to run a class action lawsuit against Facebook & Google for banning the ads of the cryptocurrency industry back in early 2018 (leading to the last big crash and crypto winter).

I'm also a pretty active blogger and commenter on chain and pioneered running a witness on my own Windows PC as a way to aid decentralisation. Although I'm using a Linux PC as well as a second witness (which is more reliable).

I'm sometimes know as Hive's lawyer as I'm the only active lawyer on chain that I know of and have been involved in helping out with various legal issues (eg HF23 Sun's Steal).

I'm also active in Splinterlands and Exode.

You can vote for my witness below:

I wish more people supported you. Too many people vote for the same circle of witnesses that hardfork us off hive, I'd enjoy seeing all new witnesses so the past can actually die.

voting those witnesses whom you see are adding value to Hive blockchain through their work.

For newbies (after several months, I still consider myself a newbie), what's the best way to check the details of the different witnesses' work? I find it not that easy to gather enough information, at least not enough to really know what I'd be voting for.

Well, mostly they have shared their work in about me section of their profiles.

Thanks, that's what I thought, but just wanted to confirm

Thanks for this enlightening post. You say we have 30 votes. I want to ask - how often do we vote for our witnesses? Daily? Weekly?

You have total of 30 votes which you can use any time. No time restrictions. You can also change your voting from one user to another.

Oh really! Hehe, I did not know that. I have voted for some witnesses but was not sure I could do so again. Thank you for this info. 🙂

You welcome :)

We vote every three seconds. Unlike real world elections, if you do not submit a vote, you are voting for the same list you did in the last election (three seconds earlier).

Thanks for your vote, I really appreciate it!

You welcome.

Thank you for your unfailing support @aftabkhan10, much appreciated! 👍

You welcome :)

You just vote for the top 30 then so we have a repeat of steem?

What does that mean?

It's centralized, there needs to be more outside influence, from a more diverse group of people

I voted for them because I feel they deserve it, and you cannot direct others who to vote for.