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As always, perfect prompt for the events of my day! Literally spent the entire day helping a very Special Lady get their witness online and fell slightly short. Started to help another after that and ended up falling asleep on them 😅 I was awake for far too long at that point.

Let's Just Step Into It...

I am a witness no thanks to anyone else, I did it on my own! Yes I had people to help if needed but I did the work and I made the sacrifice. Intention was to learn enough to then be able help others. It is just "how I do" and time after time it pays off!

Have you seen me jump to the opportunity to help someone? This is one area that I excel often going above and beyond the call of duty as I find opportunities to empower people will pull me right out of my funk. Nearly everyone needs a little help now and again, often its just to get started. With witnessing I found that much help is needed if you do not have a Linux environment background. When I came across a comment by the Queen Of Smoke mentioning she wished to run a witness for the blockchain I could only think of one thing to say...

Never Fear @D00k13 Is Here!!!

I will be frank, it was a major challenge for both of us. The Queen needed to get familiar with Linux having stepped away from all of that over 16 years ago she was about in the same place as when I started learning. My goal was to fast track her, get that witness running and worry about the details after. I find teaching is easiest in the same way I learn and with this experience I was both teaching while learning how to teach what I do not know.

Was the first time setting up a witness for The Queen and first for me doing it strictly through console as both my machines have a screen with UI not just text. I found it kinda difficult to orient myself on a system when just looking at a blinking command line further complicated by relaying commands to a screen I could not see through The Queen. Biggest issue was that her server came with VNC login only so copy & paste does not work correctly. Meant that The Queen had to type in everything 🤦‍♂️ including her keys. The one part I could not double check she was entering things correctly, typo's are very easy to make especially with keys!

Nearly 10 Hours Later

3 different server OS's later and a whole bunch of backtracking and googling for solutions to errors we thought she was running. Waiting for the blockchain to sync we called it a day in hopes to see block production but seeing how it never happened I believe we must have goofed the keys. I got a message late last night that The Queen will tackle it again in the morning, we were both so freaking tired by that point. While waiting on me to get off work in the morning I had The Queen checking the server. Just got out the words "good still running" and I got a message of despair, her cat walked across the keyboard and reset the entire server 🤦‍♂️ "round 4 here we go" I thought to myself but by the morning...

I Was Super Impressed

The Queen did it all by her self, got us back to square nowhere 😅 that might sound like an insult but it really isn't cause...

...Sometimes giving the answers is the only way to empower someones learning and...

The Hardest Part I Find Is Always The Keys!

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Hey mate, have a question. Is the partiko app still functioning with the points system? I've been out of the loop with steem for a while mate but noticed I wasn't getting notifications and seen u in the discord. What's the story?

I think Partiko is a dead project 😉