Making My Dreams Greater Than My Memories

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The writer I am must come out into the light.

I’ve always dreamed of being a writer. It’s only in the last few years that I’ve started to follow my dream. I can claim I have had a busy life and just never got time. That would be a lie. Had I really wanted to find time, I could have.

The brutal truth is, I let too many bad memories about wanting to write put me off from writing. Those memories were granted more power than the dream. The consequence was, I didn’t move forward on the writing dream.

*Never let your memories be greater than your dreams — Doug Ivester *

I have moved forward now.

It took a major life change for me to finally decide that I truly had nothing to lose by following the dream and ignoring the memories. After all, most of the major contributors to the memories are dead. Time to take life from the memories and move it to the dreams.

Every act and thought we’ve ever had are stored in our memories. Some we access without any effort. Some are good, some bad. Our successes, our failures. Our bold actions and opportunities missed. They are all there.

All there to be explored and thought about. Memories are powerful in how they shape our future. They can be used as guidance on the forward path. They can also hold us back or divert us if we’re not careful.

Dreams and goals move us forward. They drive the where and how of attention. Every time I write a piece. Every time I publish a piece. Every time those pieces of writing receive response from readers, I am creating new memories to reside on top of the other memories.

Yes, I said dreams and goals in the same sentence. You’d almost think I meant they are alike. They are not.

Dreams tell me where I want to go. Goals will tell me how to get there.

How do goals tell me what dreams wont?

Goals are the planning that is needed to make the dreams happen. In order to plan, I need to look at what steps have to be taken.

So I want to be a writer. That’s nice.

  • How do I define when I am a writer?
  • How do I define what is my success as a writer?
  • What do I want to achieve as a writer?

When I first put pen to paper, yes it was paper back then, I became a writer. I always have been a writer. I just failed to push past the negative and pursue being a better writer. To pursue being a writer who publishes. To pursue being a writer that shares with her readers.

I want to be a writer who takes the knowledge and ideas she has rattling around her head and shapes them into the written word in a way that tells stories that touch my life.

Hey writer, it is not about you. Sure it is. If the reader wants my voice, then it is about me. When I write I share with the reader.

Success is when I let that writing pour out. When that writing is enjoyed by others. When that writing earns and continues to earn. I will have achieved my success as a writer.

It might not seem much for you. That doesn’t matter.


My success will be when my dreams are greater than my memories.

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Now YOU are a writer.
You inspire people with your way with words each post you write.

You have so much more in you if you have the guts to let it out and seen. Each memory that you have also played a part in what and how you write. You are writing your words, your experiences your take on life. How you SEE life.

I could try and write a war story but never being in a war zone my story would fall flat. It would be seen for what it was.

You have so much joy and mischief wanting to come out and play. Let it live through your writing and see the light of day.

Very Firm Handshake

I know I'm a writer... now I just work on what I want to write.

When I first put pen to paper, yes it was paper back then, I became a writer. I always have been a writer.

I established that I am a writer .. got missed :)

I think I conveyed my thoughts wrong here........

It's never too late to pursue a dream

Dream of mine
push me forward
where you go
I will follow

For the longest time I've also tried to anticipate the future anchored in a past that didn't go well, now I live my dream in the present one day at a time.

usually the best kind of life to live. Good to see you around @yidneth .. you are missed.

Awww hugs, I miss you all too, I am reachable on discord I connect briefly but always check dms, been mending. Many tell me welcome back but I am not gone, just post slowly. I write this at 3 in the night so you csn guess part of the problem. Anyway will try to send you a dm with a quick update and a virtual hug


So I want to be a writer. That’s nice.

I read this whole thing with your voice in my head, first off, and when I got to that line, I had to giggle a bit. On a serious note, lists of goals are a great thing to move forward. The ultimate goal, preceded by several smaller ones to reach that dream.

I'm betting, you have enough experience to compile at least one great non-fiction novel. Some of the stories I've heard about your youth and on up until now, are definitely material that any major house would want to publish. Heck, we could do a TV show. I'm betting, going back through 3 years of blogging just here on chain alone - you've already got a great start!

Unless I missed it, I didn't catch what your big dream was, but if it was to be a writer - you've already climbed that mountain and have a good base camp.

hehe you missed more than that. See the dream has been reached cause I am a writer. So rather than stay in the past with the negative memories I've moved into the present and am a writer.

You are definitely a writer. It takes one to know one. 🧡

thanks Rhonda .. much appreciated

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Making My Dreams Greater Than My Memories that’s a keeper !!

..seems you’re on a good way to be a writer..up..follow you..