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Your Top 3 Monthly Contest March 2020 - What Are Your Least Favorite Movies?

This is my entry into this month’s Top 3 contest.

This month's topic is LEAST FAVORITE MOVIES

My Nominations are:

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Nomination Number One


My Reasons for the Nomination

The movie Jack and Jill, which debuted in 2011 starring Adam Sandler, was, in my opinion the worst movie he ever made. I've never really liked his acting as a supposed comedian. He is not, in my opinion, a funny person.

The cast of the movie was decent:

  • Adam Sandler - dual role as Jack and Jill Sadelstein
  • Al Pacino - portraying himself
  • Katie Holmes - as Jack Sadelstein's wife
  • Tim Meadows - as Ted
  • host of other characters

Below is the official trailer to the movie:

Official Trailer provided by YouTube

In analyzing the plot of the movie, I knew immediately when I saw the previews that the story was not going to be interesting. I imagined all the different scenarios how this was going to play out. And I was correct. From the man playing a double role as his fraternal twin sister; to the opposite ends of the spectrum the twins were in attitude, knowledge base, likeability; and career choices and success, you could check each one of the above from your list of rewrites with no creativity. The entire movie, I feel, covered weak story lines. If this is supposed to be a comedy, I think it failed.

I say this because the plot of the story is that Jack is a successful ad executive; his twin sister apparently not as ambitious as Jack, opted to remain in their former middle-class neighborhood. Hence, the opposites in education and outlook on life. Jill goes to visit her brother and his family for Thanksgiving. Another typical plot of the unwanted sibling who irks the family, but can't be excluded from participation.

Another familiar plot sets Jill off on her bucket list while she's visiting. A game show, perhaps. Of course, she ends up winning in some fashion. Couldn't the writers have done better than that? How about an enlightenment tour, thereby gaining some semblance of balance and mutual respect between the twins.

Of course, the plot has to tie in with Jack's business, so here comes one of his clients, Al Pacino. Who would have imagined he'd fall for Jill? I did. Then the family cruise. A restaurant scene serving up former classmates who were Jill's nemeses.

It reminds me of other movies where the lead character plays a double role, either a brother or sister. The only part I liked about the movie was when Jill dined with her Spanish suitor, who genuinely cared for her, and his family. Of course, the Mexican dishes upset her stomach.

All the scenarios of possible mishaps that could happen to the unwanted guest and sibling, in my opinion, is stereotypical. This was not a movie I rushed out to see in the theatre. I was fine with watching it on satellite. Why pay twice for something so terrible?

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Nomination Number Two


My Reasons for the Nomination

Where to start? Let's start with the fact that the plot of the movie is as familiar as peppermint candy. Why? Because the plot involves a revenge thriller out to get the person who killed the spouse and child. Familiar now? It's an intense action movie, complete with gangsters and a corrupt legal system that won't prosecute them.

Peppermint is a 2018 released film. The star of the film is Jennifer Garner. Other actors not so familiar to me were:
John Gallagher, Jr.
Richard Cabral
John Ortiz
Other supporting coast

Below is the official trailer for the movie:

Official Trailer provided by YouTube

Although I like Garner's acting, this plot borrowers heavily on male counterpart story lines who seek the same revenge killings of their wives and children. Garner's character is just the opposite where she's on a mission of revenge after a gangster kills her husband and child. And just like other familiar revenge killers, there are sarcastic quips and taunting of the victims immediately before she eliminates them.

You wonder where the peppermint comes in? It' s not a nickname for Garner's character or the daughter. It is the flavor of ice cream her daughter was eating at the time she was murdered. Garner's character is a struggling wife whose husband can barely provide for his family. He secures a job as a get-away driver in an effort to bring some quick money into the household. Of course, nothing is as it seems. So when he attempts to back out of the assignment, he's targeted for death.

In the attempt on his and his family lives, the husband and daughter is killed, with Garner's character, the wife, surviving, but left in a coma. Sounds vaguely familiar now? She wakes vowing to exact revenge.

What happened in the five years between that time is left to our imagination. Maybe she needed that amount of time to amass her weapon supplies for all the fast action killing taking place. The emotional tug the movie tries to bring to the viewers for Garner's grief for her murdered family has been utilized to death. I've seen so many of these type films, that I certainly didn't care for another one. How many ways can filmmakers tell this saga.

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Nomination Number Three

The Happytime Murders

My Reasons for the Nomination

The reason I nominated this 2018 comedy, crime, mystery picture is due to the fact that it's a standard partner cop team reuniting to investigate strange murders. Sounds familiar again. But what's strange is this move is set in a place and time where puppets reside along with humans. The puppet population is seen as second-class citizens. One would think initially the murders are race related. But that scenario was quickly dispelled.

The movie is not funny in my opinion. Rather, it is offensive. The barbs and jabs the partners take at each other are just flat. I've seen so many of these types of movie that it just doesn't affect me any longer. The movie wasn't even interesting, even though it involved puppets in this context as being members of society.

The cast of the movie consist of:
Melissa McCarthy - as Detective Connie Edwards
Bill Barretta - Detective Phil Philips
Elizabeth Banks
Maya Rudolph
Leslie David Baker
Other supporting cast

Here is the official trailer to the movie:

Official Trailer provided by YouTube

The plot involves a puppet detective, Phil Philips who has moved on from the police force. When members of a former children TV show, Happytime, start dying, he returns to investigate the murders. He chooses his former human partner, Connie Edwards, to help solve the case.

The language and innuendoes throughout the entire movie during the partners' investigation of the serial murders of the cast from the TV show are disturbing. The sexual overtones of the Happytime Murders are presented in a such raunchy way that I can understand why this movie prompted an R-rating.

The perpetrator of the murders is revealed as the daughter of someone Detective Philips accidentally killed either 12 or 20 years previously. I guess he couldn't remember the timeline. I couldn't understand the explanation given. The killer started out as revenge, but then discovered she liked killing. But then entanglement with the cast of the TV show is mentioned. I also couldn't understand the motive for the killings.

This movie is the lowest of the low. To even try to describe it in any context that makes sense, would be to insult any sane person's intelligence.

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I hope you agree with my nominations of the three worse movies I feel are deserving of the title.

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Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.

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I haven't seen any of these. Sounds like I'm not missing much.

Hello @tryskele. Nope, certainly not. If I had to pick the absolute worst one, it would be The Happytime Murders. But all are fodder for the farm animals.

I wouldn't say peppermint was the worst movie I've seen just the most generic thing I've ever seen nothing special about it. As for Jack and Jill and happy time murders was absolutely atrocious.

Hi @chekohler. Each person has their own tolerance level. Those 3 are mine, with The Happytime Murders being last as the ultimate trash movie fit only for File 13. Then again, even it might reject that movie, lol.

Thanks for stopping in and leaving your comment about my top three. Appreciate it. Have a great week ahead.

Hey, awesome to see you joined the contest again :D

I have not seen the last two movies and I don't think I want to either lol. Jack and Jill I can definitely agree on. It was not a fun movie, quite annoying too.

Good luck with the contest ^_^

Hi @foxyspirit. Thanks for the warm welcome back. Thought I'd give it a try again. Thanks for visiting and reading what not to see. The third one, The Happytime Murders is absolutely atrocious. File 13 is the only place for this to go, and it might get rejected there too, lol.

Appreciate you taking the time to stop by and read through my 3 bad acting candidates. Have a great week ahead.

You are welcome! It's my pleasure :)

Happy to see you join us again! Oh man, I'm with you on Adam Sandler. There are a few of his movies that aren't too bad, but most I find pretty annoying and not really that funny. We actually just watched his latest on, Uncut Gems. It got pretty good reviews, but I couldn't stand it. I almost added that one to my list because I thought it was that terrible, haha. Jack and Jill definitely ranks up there as one of his worst. We did watch Peppermint, and I didn't think much of it either. Though again, I don't think I usually like Jennifer Garner's movies that much anyway. I don't think she's the worst actress, but perhaps it is just the types of roles she takes on that I just don't enjoy her in, so good choice for a stinker on that one. I was a little creeped out by The Happytime Murders. You hit the nail on the head with the innuendo and jokes being a bit too much. Great choices all around for this round! Good luck in the dpoll. :)

Hello @plantstoplanks. Yep, I could have gone on and on with those 3 I did pick. And I have plenty more for any other contest that features just lousy films. Out of all the movies I chose, The Happytime Murders was the most despicable. And I sort of like Melissa McCarthy. But she didn't do herself justice participating in this movie. Sometimes I just don't know what those actors are thinking. And especially Al Pacino even going anywhere near that Jack and Jill. Seems like the kiss of death to me. But they always bounce back to find other lousy ones until they hit upon something decent. Then some are at the end of their careers, and just want to be in front of the camera I suppose.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my synopsis of what I deem the "dumpster diving" list! Appreciate the engagement. Take care, and have a good week.

Good to have you with us again this month @justclickindiva

Nice choices and great reviews. I haven't seen any of them to be able to respond but I will definitely take your word for it. I like Malissa McCarthy usually but this one looks a little suspect.

Good luck with the contest this month.


Yes, indeed @cheese4ead. I like Melissa also, but this choice of movies was not good for her reputation I'd think. Thanks for stopping in and viewing my choices of "don't waste our time" movies. I could name countless others, but those will suffice for now. Appreciate your review. Take care.

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Thanks for stopping by @yourtop3 and reminding me of the rules of the contest. I'll make sure to abide by them when my post pays out in seven days.

Hahaha, great descriptions here and to be honest, that Happytime one sounds utterly ridiculous! Can see a few of my old uni mates enjoying that one though...

I haven't actually seen any of these films either but rest assured, I absolutely will not be rushing to Netflix or wherever else to find them, if they are even on such services! By the sounds of it, they should be tossed in to a big pile with the rest of them!

Thanks for entering and good luck with the contest!

Hello @nickyhavey. Yes, just that bad, rest assured. Don't even waste your money. However, I do realize there are some people out there who absolutely loved the movies no matter how bad of a rating and what critics say. You either love 'em or hate 'em, your choice. It's just my opinion.

Thanks for stopping by and reading what makes my blood boil about the movie industry pushing that type of crap off on people and actually making money. But you have to see it first after you've spent money to realize it wasn't worth it. They've made their money by then and moved on to make another File 13 candidate.

Appreciate your comments.

Good luck to you with the contest too if you've entered. I've been too busy to stop by and see who else entered. I can't seem to garner any votes for last couple attempts at the top3, lol. Oh well.

Haha, well, I'm a sucker for a shit movie it has to be said, I did enjoy some films that I probably shouldn't have but we all have our favourites... or least favourites as is the case this month!

I have made a post but as I run the contest with the other 3, we aren't eligible to enter, more just for a bit of fun and boosting the prize pool for the end of the month! Well, you never know who will despise all these films so you may garner some votes yet! There's quite a lot of dross out there though judging by the other entries so far haha!

OK, thanks for letting me know. Now I realize the sponsors and owners of the contest.

And, don't tell anybody, but I loved Twilight, all of them! and the soundtrack too. Now there, I'm a fine one to be talking, right!

Oh dear God, you may have a few people on your case after saying that about Twilight 😃

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