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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
CTP can be converted to CTP POWER in a process called staking.
CTP Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
HIVE Dollar
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Author reward: 10.154 CTP for georgelys/hives-top-model-reto-makeup-naturaleza-y-vida-esp-eng
Author reward: 9.644 CTP for georgelys/jcmqfsoc
Author reward: 10.489 CTP for georgelys/liketu-top-model-reto-naturaleza-y-vida
Author reward: 0.024 CTP for georgelys/esp-eng-una-tarde-con-el-cumpleanero-an-evening-with-the-birthday-boy
Author reward: 8.494 CTP for georgelys/vllbczbu
Author reward: 0.03 CTP for georgelys/gjwlhfbf
Author reward: 9.05 CTP for georgelys/adxiawlb
Author reward: 9.549 CTP for georgelys/vcrmxvdh
Author reward: 10.135 CTP for georgelys/mqqunbpw
Author reward: 0.024 CTP for georgelys/bawkcrvw
Author reward: 8.547 CTP for georgelys/zjohytge
Author reward: 0.008 CTP for georgelys/wpcpkfvp
Author reward: 9.59 CTP for georgelys/bxnjzgds
Author reward: 0.015 CTP for georgelys/esp-eng-berenjenas-rellenas-al-horno-oror-baked-stuffed-eggplants
Author reward: 9.311 CTP for georgelys/jfvtavtz
Author reward: 8.888 CTP for georgelys/zdnskziv
Author reward: 9.242 CTP for georgelys/cfanwopb
Author reward: 9.343 CTP for georgelys/jfdlkhzi
Author reward: 8.822 CTP for georgelys/jnhvdrxu
Author reward: 0.006 CTP for georgelys/gzkrzrum
Author reward: 8.985 CTP for georgelys/kauvdbfw
Author reward: 5.002 CTP for georgelys/urfckmvz
Author reward: 4.71 CTP for georgelys/bvqratic
Author reward: 8.291 CTP for georgelys/hxrnyfnx
Author reward: 12.174 CTP for georgelys/xgyvlstt
Author reward: 7.019 CTP for georgelys/ydxculaf
Author reward: 0.034 CTP for georgelys/esp-eng-arroz-a-la-jardinera-receta-facil-y-economicaororgarden-riceeasy-and-economical-recipe
Author reward: 0.064 CTP for georgelys/hfnnqaed
Author reward: 1.361 CTP for georgelys/ahhsfyvx
Author reward: 1.055 CTP for georgelys/wurzppze
Author reward: 1.221 CTP for georgelys/esp-eng-mi-regalo-de-navidad-my-christmas-present
Author reward: 2.36 CTP for georgelys/esp-eng-maquillaje-sencillo-ideal-para-navidad-ororsimple-make-up-ideal-for-christmas
Author reward: 0.048 CTP for georgelys/prustgbl
Author reward: 0.042 CTP for georgelys/esp-eng-inspired-makeup-look-bajo-la-misma-estrellathe-fault-in-our-stars
Author reward: 0.029 CTP for georgelys/esp-eng-mi-top-tres-canciones-favoritas-de-navidad-my-top-three-favorite-christmas-songs
Author reward: 0.035 CTP for georgelys/qfkmgzzd
Author reward: 0.011 CTP for georgelys/luxruism
Author reward: 0.025 CTP for georgelys/jflgqffo
Author reward: 0.006 CTP for georgelys/esp-eng-mi-receta-de-ramen-casero-oror-my-recipe-for-homemade-ramen-easy-and-economical
Author reward: 0.012 CTP for georgelys/esp-eng-iniciativa-antes-de-los-30-before-the-age-of-30
Author reward: 0.017 CTP for georgelys/esp-or-eng-como-trasncurre-mi-ano-2021-oror-how-my-year-2021-is-going
Author reward: 16.759 CTP for georgelys/esp-eng-maquillaje-inspirado-en-raven-los-jovenes-titanes-oror-makeup-inspired-by-raven-the-teen-titans
Author reward: 0.057 CTP for georgelys/esp-eng-tag-de-los-opuestos-or-or-opposites-tag
Author reward: 0.033 CTP for georgelys/esp-eng-delicioso-arroz-con-camarones-receta-sencilla-delicious-rice-with-shrimp-simple-recipe
Author reward: 0.09 CTP for georgelys/quzdkfed
Author reward: 0.017 CTP for georgelys/esp-engdesayuno-sorpresa-para-mi-hermana-hoy-es-su-cumpleanos-surprise-breakfast-for-my-sister-its-her-birthday-today
Author reward: 0.011 CTP for georgelys/iniciativa-4-cosas-que-hago-diariamente-4-things-i-do-every-day
Author reward: 2.678 CTP for georgelys/esp-eng-tag-de-peliculas-de-disney-disney-movie-tag
Author reward: 0.023 CTP for georgelys/esp-eng-iniciativa-que-harias-con-dollar1000-initiative-what-would-you-do-with-dollar1000
Author reward: 0.027 CTP for georgelys/glow-art-makeup-your-eyes-are-spring-maquillaje-tus-ojos-son-primavera-by-georgelys