RE: 5 Strategies For Building A Following On Web3


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It still amazes me that there are people that join Hive/Listnerds and think just dropping their content is making them entitled to receive votes.

You can not just drop whatever and leave and then expect people to just vote without really building some form of connection with them. With relationship comes commitment and support, you would agree. 🤌🤌

I think it's logical that you have to make sure they see you, make connections, why would they show up if you don't?

Yes! Visibility is important 👌. People can only show up when they believe they have seen you before and have felt your consistency.

I'll be forever grateful for the support I received from my early days on the platform and for those that stood by me on my journey.

Me too. Gratitude truly open doors for more.🙇‍♂️