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Photography Lovers Community Curation - 09/21/2021 by @badge-696969


What a great compilation of diversified photography styles! All of them are real gems!

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What If You Knew A Secret by @cflclosers


I would agree with other commenters... I understand that it's very tempting when you have some information like that, but rich people can also make a mistake...
There are stories of how they have started in a garage, without anything, etc... But mostly, they had a starting million, did a lot of tryouts until they succeed... The best example is Windows... Do you know any version before Windows 3.11? No... Because they sucked... :) :)
So, FOMOing into something can get you profits sometimes, but most of the time it's a loss...

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🎧 HIVE OPEN MIC 76 🎧 "La flor seca" - The dried flower 🎧 Cover by @esteliopadilla 🎧 by @esteliopadilla


Passion is the topic of this week for Hive Open Mic. This user shared some thoughts and his passion towards music from his country.

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Is CubFinance (CUB) safe? by @forexbrokr


Firstly, I don't know personally any of the team members in CubFinance... Secondly, if we are talking about being scammed by the owners, I can't have more trust in any other project than CubFinance... When they have started, they got hacked and they have returned ALL investments of their members... And some of that amount was from their pockets... They have bought me (and a lot of others Hivers) by doing that...
But, as @badbitch said, the BSC blockchain itself has its own risks that are outside the power of the CubFinance team... We have to remind ourselves that risk exists for EVERY DeFi on that chain...

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Enjoy some #VIBES & !PIZZA from @andy4475 😎

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