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RE: You May Not Hit A Homerun, But Take A Swing Everyday!

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Showing up for anything is half the battle, life happens. I get overwhelmed by large tasks, I found breaking it down into smaller steps help get things flowing. I my not have the ambition to write every day but I still show up and up-vote, I might read something that strike inspiration somewhere. As long as we all show up in our own way and interact somehow, steemit has a chance. Like you said our success or failures here is based on showing up and putting forth the effort or not.

I noticed I get much more engagement on steemit from folks I never met than I do on facebook with people that know me in real life. This platform is still pretty interactive for a small regular user base it just needs to be more user friendly to attract everyone's gramma.


I agree 1000%. That's why I think I fell in love with this blockchain because of all the amazing engagement and potential we have here...And we're still small in comparison but wow, it's an exciting place to grow and develop.