The CTP Update - Dolphin Dreamin' Is Real!

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A few months ago we challenged you!

It was straight forward enough....

We wanted to build a community of 'self-supporting' dolphins that were a part of the CTP Swarm. Because if we went this route, we wouldn't have to rely on anyone else for upvotes and support for our journeys here on HIVE and CTP Talk....We would support each other and help each other grow.

So the challenge was this...We wanted to get 10 Dolphins (or higher) into the CTP community by the end of the year!

Have you seen what has happened in the past 24 hours within the CTP Tribe??

Thanks to @achim03.ctp we have a 'scoreboard' of sorts and he announced some pretty cool numbers yesterday...




That's 5 Dolphins!!!!

And we're only in July....

Dolphin Dreamin' is a real thing and people have really embraced it. And it's going to be so powerful to have a community of creators and members that support each and every one of us on our HIVE and CTP Talk journey!

And we're just getting started...

There's like a half a dozen more CTP Swarm members that are scratching at the door for their Dolphin Status and we've got some very cool community initiatives looking to help:


This amazing curation project by @flaxz has been supporting CTP Swarm creators since day one! You also get paid every week for delegating to this project so it's a big win, win for everyone involved. Make sure to give @thisisawesome a follow

@BradleyArrow 's Curation Trail

Another awesome project that has been supporting CTP since day one too. Bradley is an awesome dude and one of the hardest working guys on the blockchain. Be sure to pop into Hive.Vote and give his trail a follow!


I should have known about this sooner, but hey....I've been on the road for a month LOL This cool project by @achim03.ctp has been growing as they've been looking for delegation via Dlease. An awesome curation project that has been upvoting CTP Swarm members on their journey to Dolphinhood! Delegate to this, and earn some bonus HIVE every day :) Check them out @happyvoter


Absolutely remarkable to witness and such a huge testament to the amazing people right here in CTP!

Let's see what the second half of 2020 has for us on the blockchain!

Blockchain...Meet Affiliate Marketing!

Affiliate Marketing....Meet Blockchain!

=> And Start Earning Today!



It is really amazing to see how fast things happen once it starts rolling, and thanks a lot for the mention, I do my best to support the CTP Swarm.

So true, that ball starts rolling....Things pick up quick!

All great projects on the Swarm :)
I love what @achim03.ctp is doing with @happyvoter and the support that the community is giving to all these projects, each other and support next to none,
It a great and strong and vibrant community that just keeps on keeping on

Not to mention the kick starters :) @jongolson and @blainjones

Dolphins do Dream and they dream big

It's remarkable to see....Everyone just wants to help each other. It's amazing to witness!

Thanks a lot for your feed-back! I just saw that you took another lease :-). Thanks a lot.

It's really amazing to see this positive mindset in this community!

5 already with a lot of time to go, I think the 10 mark will be blown away. I have a long way to go but have been working harder on getting there.

Oh man, it's closer than we think!

Good on ya peoples, mighty fine to see another pod emerge!

Slow and steady! They are gems on the blockchain for sure!

Gee a Dolphin no I still like been a crow on a fence.
I even surprise myself some days on this journey here on Hive.
Best part is seeing so many other CTP community members embracing the new ways and moving forward with it.
That alone is a big win for all of us.
Thanks for doing your bit Jon by keeping us all motivated and pushing for bigger and better things for all.

Nah man, thank you for the un-ending support. Appreciate ya man!

100 percent upvote. Not just because I am mentioned but because of all the awesome people mentioned and how we are all working together for the greater good 👍👍👍👌😁

Absolutely man....Everyone is supporting each other. Just how a strong community should be :)

Thanks a lot for the mention! I like to make statistics and rankings and I thought it would be nice to follow how the swarm progresses. However I couldn't expect to witness what happened these last days:

  • 3 New Dolphins within 24 Hours
  • @iamraincrystal just delegated 50 HP to @happyvoter even before I had time to make the dlease offers
  • As soon as I had the dlease offers on the market, they were gone in no time.
  • @russellstockley wanted to delegate too and he asked me to put more dlease offers on the market.
  • Within less than one day, the community managed to delegate 850 HP for this project!


I find it amazing how people in this community show support for each other. I believe that with this mindest we will reach the 10 Dolphins well before the end of the year!

I think it's going to get a lot busier too in the next few months....And once people 'get' what it means to build their stake here, more will jump on!

It's great that the awareness for the stake building is growing. This serves as an example for the smaller accounts and can be a big motivator for them.

Oh yeah... Keeping those Dolphin Dreams Alive on Hive... Walking the walk on CTP Talk.... it's good to see the good news and progress going on here. 😃👍

Growing day by day.....Exciting time to get involved here for sure!

Yes, it is happening! I have some feeling that we will have at least one more in the next 30 days or less!

Nice "challenge" and I like to see competitive people... 🤣

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And it's just getting started, can't wait for more people in CTP to see what we're building here

I love seeing this because it is so encouraging and inspirational. That is why I even though I am a couple days late I am featuring this update in my #IAmEngaged posts today.