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RE: Spikes and rainbows make my Hive World go round!

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Great information as I was wondering where all the stats are tracked. Since I am new, being able to see my own stats will help me set short, medium and long term goals. Still learning all the lingo and process. thanks in advance for showing me the ropes. :-)


Thank you!
My first table of goals I do it manually on an excel sheet and check on Hive Engine and the token wallets each week.
I normally add the links to the tools but I forgot lol
You have HiveStats with some graphics of your Hive growth and other things:
And there's another cool tool created by @amr008:
This one has a variety of apps inside but for the number of posts and comments choose on the menu on the side the one called "Community" and then just add your username and graphics will show up

Hope this helps :)


I will check all of these out so that I can start tracking my progress and growth in this new journey. Tomorrow, I should be receiving my first CTP from my first post 7 days ago. Progress in and of itself. :-)