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RE: Are You In It For The Wrong Reasons...?

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I am here for the short and for the long term lol What I mean by that is I started of with the other block chain and I built built and built some more the cam steem-engine I put some fiat in and bought low and sold high. The gains I made I stared buying my good tokens, ctp ,spi, sports,epic dice and a few more. Then we now have hive and keep stacking hive and and hive-engine I am stacking more and more. I have added hustler and hustlerm to my buying and are stacking them as well as the old ones that moved over. 5 year goals as this in the long run is something I can leave for Sharon if something happens to me. Being 66 you just never know but this will be something I can leave her. It will drive @jongolson crazy trying to explain what Sharon now has (yes I am evil Jon)
So long term yes short term yes but will still be here price up price down buy more!


you’re in canada bro. you are living to 110 lol

hope your right

That's Amazing that you are so much in technology in your age.

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I have been in since I was 18 to 20 when they brought the first computer into the news room at the newspaper they addled the youngest person there t learn about the computer system so it has been a long time that was 1972