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RE: Are You In It For The Wrong Reasons...?

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We are living in a microwave society, and it is the same in the cryptocurrency world... and on top of that, if you take a look at the standard markets these days (stocks and bonds), you will see even worse volatility than on crypto... Which is insane...

We are living in crazy times, and "picking up" the right projects to follow and HODL for the long-term is a challenging task... But, it can be very beneficial... Unfortunately, a lot of people will not do that and will search for a quick-buck...

...and it's funny that we have done similar posts at almost the same time... lol...

Great post and keep on accumulating... Now it is time for that...

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The long term is the goal for me for sure....Accumulate while the rest of the world isn't paying attention to what we have here :)

I would say that we had similar situation with the CTP token and community... Nobody paid attention to us, but we were building slowly... Now, there are a lot of eyes... It didn't take too much time for the CTP...

It's the same with Hive, but it will take a bit more time... But, it will come... ;)

I love the game plan man...Slow and steady :)