The Road To 10k CTP Tokens - Show Up & Engage...Is It That Simple?

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Show up and engage....

You hear this ALL THE TIME on the blockchain.

It's like a broken record....

But is there truth to it? Being consistent...Does it actually work?

I think so....And today we dove into a lot of comments that addressed this main point to building your accounts here!

So don't wait for the perfect time...

Come, dip your feet in!

We think you'll love it once you try it....And we'll support you every step of the way!

Want to learn how to bring affiliate marketing to the blockchain?

We have the no-excuse system for you to try....

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Cool stuff, I just reached my goal of 1000ctp. Next goal is 2500! I just finished the track training lessons on time to learn about email marketing 😊

Email is a powerful tool

When done properly, I think it's the most effective form of marketing online :)

Awesome stuff man!

Great growth and excited for you to jump into the training :)

Let me know if you have any questions at all.

Sure I will

I didn't know how to respond to this weeks Road to 10k.
But look what you made me do .............
So that is my reply for this week yes amazing a Cruisin Post! What next???

ha ha ha ha ha Maaaaaaan....You are a legend!!

Now look what you have done...! I said I was going to test the Start Earning Today program over the next three months with no out of money did you say...?"No..out..of..pocket..expenses or money..."(I enjoyed that! And now I've bought some CTP!

Only teasing Jon! But after listening to you, it just made sense. Yes, starting out with no out of pocket expenses is great, but why would we not invest in ourselves and speed things up if possible at all?

I'm still in the learning curve, so it was just a small amount and being from South Africa it was going from ZAR to BTC to HIVE Engine in SWAP.BTC. From SWAP.BTC to HIVE and finally to CTP minus quite a few

But yes I'm there and I'm going for it!

Thank you for all the support and encouragement and to everybody in the swarm who is so supportive. It's nice to be part of this!

Awesome man, thanks for sharing your experience so far!

Yeah putting a little skin in the game is important...But sure we can start doing this with no out of pocket expenses...But when you have a little on the table, it makes it that much more exciting lol

Community is EVERYTHING. I cannot stress it enough. Without the teamwork & being in this community that uplifts one another in our team goals, as well as each other's individual goals, I would not have gone as far as I have. So, YES, I agree 100%

Soon, I will be at 50K CTP tokens, which is an exciting time. Woo hoo! (Don't worry, @cruisin. You are still KING! ;) ) Congratulations to all who are accumulating & achieving their token goals. You got this!

We have come a long way the past year & we are only just getting started...we welcome new Hivers with open arms. As stated, we WILL support you. All you have to do is "beelieve" in yourself! 🧚‍♀️🦄🐝

Keep up the amazing work, @jongolson. As always, you & @blainjones are crushing it in #ctptalk & so is our whole community!

Thanks Jenn...Yeah I agree 100%. This is just such an exciting time to get involved....Still not sure what the spectators are waiting for?

Thank you, DEAR SIR?!?!?!

I see what you have done there... 🤣

Anyways, it is that simple... SHOW UP and ENGAGE... Maybe it is time-consuming, but we can't stop the time...

And, on the other side, there is no better JOB than spending your time communicating with your friends, sharing your love, passion, knowledge... and being PAID for doing that!!!

C'mon! Isn't that how you descibe the perfect job?

It really is man...I've said for years this is the best 'job' on the planet...And I think it's only going to get better and better :)

Well I guess I need to dig a little and learn more about this swarm you are building. I think I am following too many people can not keep up with all the great stuff being posted.

You are already part of it man ;) One of the original CTP Tribe members :)

Thanks, I just passed 15K CTP. Just trying to keep up with all these people in the iamalive and lukeisalive without blowing all my HP every day.

LOL They are crazy active....I keep telling them, I dunno how they do so much...I struggle to get my one post out a day lol

It's great to see the tremendous effort everyone puts into their own part of our piece of the net. Your 10K challenge, the "IAmAlive" challegen, the #2020Vision challenge by Pixie, and I do dad jokes every day.

It works, and the best part is that we are not creating fluff. I enjoy creating my short video vignettes, and posting them. It makes me happy knowing I bring some joy to others with my videos.

Thanks Jon. I've been staking CTP as well, so maybe soon I will be at 10K. Be nice to have 10K CTP AND 10K Hive as well. :D

Keep on clicking,


That's a great goal to have...10k in both :)

It can happen...It really can. I'm basically a nobody on this blockchain, but somehow by being stubborn and showing up everyday...I've got a nice stash of Hive Power (and rebuilding the CTP power as well)

I truly believe it, show up, engage and add value to people...You'll win :)

I always enjoy your road to 10000
You are an example of being consistent and creating all the time, reaching 5000 already is a great achievement.

Its great to see more and more people engaging and I am excited about the Swarm button concept :)

Pushing people to do more everyday is definitely a motivation of mine

It's starting to take shape nicely...No booms or busts, just slow and steady growth :)

Thanks man, you are an absolute gem here on CTP and HIVE!

It is a huge honor to be called a Content Creator on video by your Content Creator Master!
Thank you!
And yes we will keep #pushon until we pull every single sideliner! lol
And for the record, all my tokens are all from the content I put out there, never bought from my pocket unless using the Hive converted from the Steem powerdowns to buy CTP Miners but that was from content creation as well!
And I think you are a genuine and an awesome spirit! Not every owner is here everyday and not every owner starts from scratch for the sake of others!
Your way to 10k will be surpassed really soon :)

You don't know how much I love reading things like that. It's one thing for me to get up and scream on how much this system works...But real life success stories like yours...make it so much sweeter!

Yes show up and engage it is that simple, do it everyday and you will make to 10,000 ctp and then on wards and up words I started off slow and curated my self to 30,000 ctp and you can as well. Just show up everyday and engage. Have a great week all

That's a really good point.

You don't create all the time, but you are always curating.

Huge nugget for people sitting on the sidelines...You can win here, you just need to poke around a bit :)

Thanks for a great video Jon, and yes engagement is very important, it's why we post, if none is reading or watching we need to change something to create engagement.

And thanks a lot for all your support to #LukeIsAlive, first draw will be this Saturday, and the I Am Alive ebook has been downloaded over 330 times now, and the #IAmAliveChallenge just passed 40 participants, with more incoming every day.

Keep up your great work and stay awesome.

That is so awesome man!

Looking forward to seeing the first winner :)


I am curious... for example... why would you think I had so little engagement in this post here:

Critics, feedback, appreciated. I mean, I wanna understand if its because of timing or because the content is to heavy or something else.

I know other users face the same problem. And myself, I am not a big deal... but since you usually provoke the engagement, I thought to ask this here.

And, whenever I see a great post and share it, I really wished people would have more interaction with it. Feels like what I imagined about "real time engagement" is still under "evolution".

I will keep working towards it, but that is a big barrier to mass adoption if not conquered.

I've yet to master the 'best time' to post on Hive...But I seem to get less later in the evening (North American time)...But that being said, I'll post whenever I get the article or video done :)

For your post, that's a TON of information and I guarantee it'll have much more 'legs' and higher engagement the longer it exists. Things like that are what I call 'stock' pieces of content....So they have staying power and may not get the people commenting in bulk...Yet.

For my stuff, the majority of it is what I call 'flow' content...So the majority of it is bite sized chunks, around 500 words...But people can usually digest my articles quickly and get the main points right away.

I'm no pro-author, but I seem to find much more engagement when I keep things super simple.

That being said, I have been hammering the point home about engaging and rewarding engaging on my blog since I started on the blockchain. Took me at least a year of posting every day to get 5-10 comments...

The sweet science of it, in my opinion is...Ask for the engagement, reward your readers and always try to make it fun :)

Hope this helps. Awesome questions man!

Chilling on that feedback... that's engagement! =) Yeah... I feel what you mean. Great to acknowledge. I always reward great engagement when it is either to my liking or with great information for the community.

I used to do polls more often and thanks everyone with a little reward. But later life has been quite busy (especially during knockdown 😎 😆 🤘 ).

Thanks a lot for that answer.

For sure man, appreciate the question for sure...

I think this engagement thing takes time, develop a relationship with the community and then people will gravitate towards the creators they enjoy.

But if people don't feel valued, they'll disappear quick.

Indeed... I know it takes time. And I have been around for too long to know that. Although I understand that if you keep jumping around like me, exploring everywhere, it does not build that engagement relationship... shame on me 🤣 ... I am an explorer.

When you enjoy learning... everything... you sort of loose the sense of value. Because everything is valuable, and you have no reference. You are just a black-hole of knowledge!

I was never a truly "make noise to get noticed" kind of guy, which eventually gets people attention... but I guess it serves the point of being where I am.

Eventually things pick up and the time and dedication this community requires to be a top leader is really astonishingly valuable in my view. It's just a matter of time.

Thanks for the appreciation and that kind motivation 😎, not for the money, but for the message... Need to grab people like you around to find some strength to continue spending like 500% more value of life in here than in stuff I could get 3000% more money for. Crazy? probably... but that's how hobbies start.

Lastly, it's all about transparency and freedom of speech with the right amount of public content control and unlimited knowledge learning community. That's the kind of "the thing" that keeps me here on #HIVE (previously on the other side too).

engaging at times can be sometimes time and energy demanding

but it's so so so worth it!

Hurray for the swarm

Bigger things coming, I promise you!!


I truly believe that is the case indeed :)