Putting the puzzle pieces together for long term online success.

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Good day everyone,


As I sit here at 7:06AM writing my blog, after much consideration I got my topic. It always crosses my mind: Am I repeating myself to much? Anyway, just a little preamble there.

I am, I believe, putting the puzzle pieces together for my long term online success. I am going to go from most recent to back. As a lot of you know I launched My Hive Swag Store. I hope you will visit it. But let me give some info on my current plan and why I started it.


Screen shot there of 1 of 2 of product page. So, why did I start it? I want to thrive on Hive. That is basically it. My short term plan is simple: Money (FIAT) made (profits) I plan on turning into crypto. You see I don't just want to be a Dolphin . I want to blow past that, maybe catch up to @jongolson and be an Orca, with the ultimate dream of being a whale. Sure the ultimate goal is to do this Hive, CTP Talk and my hive swag store full time. But one step at a time.

So, if there is anything you don't see in the store and you would like, just let me know and I will do my best to get it added.


Curation Trail I feel like I have not been giving the train enough promotion or talking it up lately. As, as you can see I am keeping busy. There are 35 of us now that are part of the trail. I hope you will read the post, with the link above, and consider joining it. Passive HP ;)

Here is a shout out to all our Curation Trail members to date:



As I touched on above, My Dolphin Dreams. Let me give an update: I am at 2296.555 HP. So needing about 5k that leaves me with 2703.445 HP to go over the next 153 days for an average of 17.6695751634 HP a day needed. I WILL DO IT.


CTP Talk and Click Track Profit. I would be amiss if I did not mention it. One, because I am posting this in the community. Two, it is the corner stone of every thing I am doing online, the reason I am, what brought me here, and always will be my corner stone. So please check it out.

I think I will leave it there for today, as that is a long blog post for me.

Have a great day all.


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Cool products being added to the store, best of luck with your goals.

Thanks and thanks

Your killing it Bradley. Well done.

Are you playing dcity yet? I believe it is one of the most profitable things one can do in this blockchain.

Perhaps after you reach your hive goal?

Not yet. Looking at it though 😉

If your would start, then don’t hesitate to ask questions. I’d love to help you get started.


Just got my first card.

A basic home I see. That in itself will not produce anything yet. You need a card that needs workers to be able to start generating sim tokens.

Just browse the info tab in the game, to see the possible cards.

Will do. Need more Hive.

Ah I’m sure you’ll get some more hive soon 😜


Did something. Lol

What card do you suggest?

In general, go for the random cards through the buy option in the game. Almost all cards are more expensive than 4 hive or 800 sim.

That means that in about 55% of the times you get a card that is worth more than that and quite often 3-4x that.

But if you like to start cheap, than a combination of a park and a wind turbine is an ok start. Those cards are cheaper than 4 hive per card on the market.

Oh, I see you got weed dispensaries. You have 8 popularity from your basic homes plus 1 from your popularity bonus. Now you still need 11 more workers/population.

A basic home and two luxury homes should do the trick.

Great dreams Bradley, do start tracking on your progress to Whalehood too, no dream too big, and nice swag store.

I just may. And thanks 😊

Looking forward to it.